Intoxicated with Love

Marcel AKA Harry was a nerd. He was bullied by the 5 jocks none other than: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Syker, and Tom Parker. Munera Smith is Max's girlfriend. She watches as the five jock who are so called her "friends" bully Marcel, but she doesn't do anything about it she just watches as Marcel gets beat and bullied. Munera and Marcel used to be best friends but that was when they were kids, now everything changed. Marcel one day suddenly changed. He changes his name to Harry. A nerd to a hot, jock. He bullies others now. His bullies are now scared of him. Harry has always liked Munera. But what happens when Harry takes Munera and forces her to be his girlfriend? Will Munera Fall for him?


2. Beat Up

Munera's POV
I was at my locker with my friends. We were chatting and gossiping about how the principle had sex with the janitor, seriously that was gross she’s like 50. I looked to my left seeing Marcel. His locker was next to mine. I would talk to him but then Max would go crazy. "H-h-hi M-Munera" I heard someone say.
I turned around seeing that it was Marcel, "Um...Hi?" I said. I may have sounded rude but I did that only because if Max saw him talking to me he would beat him up and I don't want that. So I try to stay away from Marcel so he doesn't get hurt. On the corner of my eyes I saw my rude ass boyfriend, Max coming towards us. I rolled my eyes turning away back to my friends, not wanting to deal with him right now.
"What a loser" Jayanne said. I faked a smile and nodded acting like I agreed.
But deep down inside, I felt bad for Marcel no one liked him…I didn’t even know if I did…I never talk to his ever since he told me his secret.
Marcel's/Harry’s POV
Fear came over my body. I trembled with it. I nervously turned my heard to him. He then grabbed me by my collar and pushing me against the locker. I closed my eyes tight in pain. "A nerd like you can never talk to a popular like her!" he said punching me in the gut, I groaned in pain falling down. “THIS IS FOR TALKING TO MY GIRLFRIEND!" he yelled kicking me all over. The others soon joined him.
The kicking got harder and harder and the more difficult it got to breathe. Stop please I said in my mind. My stomach felt like it was being stabbed. I whelped in pain as Max hit me again at the same spot.
Everyone just laughed and didn’t even help me. I weakly looked over at Munera. She didn’t bother helping me either just watched as her friends laughed at me or beat me. Tears stared to well up in my eyes. Why? I thought. Just kill me already.
Munera's POV
Max suddenly starting beating Marcel. I gasped in horror. I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen. I would help him but then Max would probably do the same to me. You see Max is an asshole. And hits girls too. Or at least I heard, I would have never dated him if I knew this but before I did he was all sweet and nice. After he asked me out 4 months later he’s become an ass.
Why don’t I break up you ask….well im scared…scared he’ll hurt me.  
I heard marcel whelp snapping me out of my thoughts. My heart broke in two seeing this. Marcel didn’t deserve this but if I said something then I’d be in trouble too.

Max's friends soon joined him. Kicking Marcel all over. I could see the tears forming in his eyes. My friends started laughing at him. I just stared at him, mad at Max. "Max lets go" I said softly so no one heard, while putting a hand on his shoulder. "Fine" he said kicking him one last time. His friends stopped.  Thank god I thought. We all started walking away; I took one last glance at Marcel. Holding onto my books tightly looks down feeling guilty. Im a horrible person I thought.
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