Intoxicated with Love

Marcel AKA Harry was a nerd. He was bullied by the 5 jocks none other than: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Syker, and Tom Parker. Munera Smith is Max's girlfriend. She watches as the five jock who are so called her "friends" bully Marcel, but she doesn't do anything about it she just watches as Marcel gets beat and bullied. Munera and Marcel used to be best friends but that was when they were kids, now everything changed. Marcel one day suddenly changed. He changes his name to Harry. A nerd to a hot, jock. He bullies others now. His bullies are now scared of him. Harry has always liked Munera. But what happens when Harry takes Munera and forces her to be his girlfriend? Will Munera Fall for him?


5. Angel

Marcel's/Harry’s POV
3 days later I had to go back to school….sigh. I didn’t go those 3 days because my mum said I didn’t need to go to school if I didn’t want to ‘cause of the bullies. So for those few days I stayed home. It was the last day ‘till spring break, my mum made me go to school. I sighed and got off my bed and headed to the bathroom. I did my business and well got ready for school. I took one last glance at myself frowning at what I saw.
"Worthless" I whispered. I put my heavy backpack on. I had like 4 textbooks in it. Geometry, Science, History and Heath.  I slowly went downstairs dreading going back to school. I headed for the door, putting my hand on the knob about to open it, but my mum called me back.
            "What?" I asked annoyed. "Im going to drop you off today" she said. My eyes widen "what!? No! Mum no please doesn’t! You’re going to embarrass me!" I said, begging. "No I won’t im just going to drop you off okay!" she said. "But-" I started, "No buts get in the car I’ll be there in a sec" she said turning away. I sighed in frustration and went inside her car.
"Why...why" I kept repeating. I put my hands in my face, I hate this I thought. My mum got in the car and soon started driving; she looked at me and turned on the radio.
 "Let’s listen to some songs yeah!" she said, I rolled my eyes and turned the shit off.
She sighed and continued driving. I was mad at her for doing this. I could've driven myself.  I huffed, crossing my arms on my chest, looking out the window with a frown. We finally got there and I immediately got out and slammed the door.
"Have a nice day sweetie" she said. "Whatever" I mumbled looking down. Everyone looked at me. Some even laughed. God I knew this would happen. I quickly went inside looking down in shame and embarrassment.
"Faggot" I heard someone say. I ignored it.
I went to my first few classes. Max and his “crew” weren’t there, thank god! I continued doing work until the bell rung. I had gym now. I picked up my things shoving them in my book bag headed towards gym.
 I told the gym teacher that I was sick and that crap and so I didn’t have to play I was glad because Max was in this class and he was giving me a firing look which scared the hell outta me. I decided to go outside and stayed there where it was safe. Big mistake. They were standing looking at me smirking. They then hovered over me with a big smirk. I gulped.
 "Oh look it’s the nerd" Siva laughed evilly. God why does this always happen. I was scared. No I was MORE than scared. I was terrified. Everything was fine until now.
My palms started sweating. My forehead was now covered with sweat too. My heart was racing a million beats a second. They. Are. Going. To. Kill. Me.  
“Why weren't you here for the last few days, huh bitch!" Max said kicking me in the gut, I gasped clutching onto it. "I-I im sorry" I tried to say as blood filled my mouth with tears threatening to stream.
"You better be after we’re done with you" Jay said, after he said that they all started pounding on me.
This is what I get for not coming for school.  I yelped in pain. I coughed up blood, I felt so…dead. And bruised. I just wanted to crawl into a corner and cry, but I couldn’t…it hurt too much.  Suddenly as I was getting beat I heard, the voice of an angel. I looked up everything was blurry but when I looked at her she was glowing.
She looked....gorgeous. I felt numb but as I looked at her I didn’t feel any pain.
"Max! You guys! Coach is calling you!" Munera said. They suddenly stopped and walked away. In the corner of my eyes I think I saw Munera looking at me with a sad face or it must've been my imagination.
I still held onto my stomach. My nose I think was broken and some of my ribs. I coughed up more and more blood. Where’s God when you need him the most….I felt as if he’d given up on me. I mean I wouldn’t be in this situation if only he hadn’t given up. 

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