its a love story


1. the story starts

 i was sitting on the computer video chating with my best guy friend louis from one direction. he was my nabor until he tried out for the ex factor. but we keep in touch. we talk every month 6 times a month. for 2 hours. then he practices for his band . just think 2 years ago today i stood on that stage. he said. i gotta say im kinda jealous of him. hes succesful hes cool hes surrounded by cool and awesome guys. im coming down to visit for the summer. isnt that great tiff? tiffany snap out of it. he said. oh sorry im back. i said. so what were you saying again? Lou?  i was saying that im comming down for the summer with my mates. and i can meet your mates. he said excitedly i cant wait for you to meet them. oh i cant wait for you to meet my mates. oh and have you heard im breaking up with el? he asked. no i havent. i said shocked. well i gotta go the 2 hours are are up. ok bye. i said. bye. he said back. once he got off i screamed and cryed cos i couldnt wait to see my best guy friend i havnt seen in ages. i got ready for school. ahhhhhh... the last day then louis coming.

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