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  • Published: 20 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2013
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Panic, a legendary game played by graduating seniors, where the stakes are high and the payoff is even higher. It plays on your fear. Your biggest fear. Are you fearless? Think again. How much would you risk if in the end you could win bucket loads of money?

A/N: So basically this was an entry for a competition that Lauren Oliver had based on her next book called Panic, which will be released next year. I have no intention of writing anymore to this page.


1. Don't Panic

They’ve put me as far away as I can be in this contained cube. The walls reflecting the white neon lights that bring pain to my eyes. Too harsh. Too bright. But I can’t close my eyes. I don’t dare myself to look away. On the floor, on the other side of this box is my family. My mum. My dad. My sister. All together, clutching one another like their life depends on it, and oblivious to what is about to happen to them. They’re clothes are all ragged and covered in dirt. I can’t imagine what sort of affliction they’ve already been through outside of these four walls.


Deep breathes, I tell myself, in and out. In and out.


I feel myself tense as someone enters the room. The iron cast door slams shut causing my family to jump in response. The room amplifies each step he takes. Thud, thud, thud. It’s in-sync with my heart beat. Thud, thud, thud, thud. He stops right in front of my family. I see fear cover them as they press themselves against the wall as if they push themselves far enough they could vanish, hugging each other even tighter than before. I try to reassure them that everything is alright by trying to remain as calm as I can, but the stranger turns to me, gives me a grin that sends shivers down my spine and then I see his hand move to his back. A gun. My eyes are starting to sting but I can’t look away.


Don’t blink. Don’t blink. Breathe. Breathe.


 I squeeze my hands into fists with my nails digging into my palm so hard they turn numb. I unwillingly start to shake as the tall stranger pulls his gun out and aims it towards my family. I hear them gasp and my mum starts to murmur: “Please. Please don’t. Please just let us go. Just let us go.” My dad is gripping her and my sister so tightly, his head turned away and it looks like he’s whispering something into my mum’s ear. Maybe his last word? Maybe some sort of support? I can’t hear because I’m too far away. My sisters’ hands are raised to her face as tears stream down her face, she starts to sob and vigorously shake.


Please let this stop. Please. Someone. Let this stop.


The stranger walks around my family. He glances back to me with a villainous smile. I don’t even know when my eyes started to pour out floods of water, but my cheeks are wet. My whole body has gone numb. I can’t hear anything other than my heavy breathing and the thud of my heart beat as everything in the rooms seems to slow down.


Thud. Thud, thud. Breathe in and out. Thud. Thud, thud. Breathe in and out. Thud. Thud, thud. Breathe in and out.


Then suddenly I hear a scream. A loud painful shriek that rings through my ears, bringing me back down to this helluva moment.

It’s my sister. She’s trying to break free from my dad’s grip. Pushing forward, trying to get closer to me. The man instantly steps forward, trying to force her back as she tries to stand and reach for me.



I can’t breathe.


The man throws my sister against the wall, screams in pain and she collapses to the floor.


Complete silence. The air becomes still. Thick. No one moves. Every organ in my body turns to stone. My legs are about to give way. I can’t do this anymore. I feel sick. I feel dizzy.  I feel guilty. Why did I let this go so far?


The man targets his gun to my sister, who’s lying helplessly on the floor and turns his head to me before saying: “Time to say goodbye to your sister, Sarah.”

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