It was a unexpected shock for myself, finding out how I felt for him. I knew how stupid I was and I excepted it. It's hard to stay away from someone so irresistible.


2. Chapter Two

      By our fourth cup of beer we where already drunk, cracking stupid jokes and trying to tell stories without laughing. When things were starting to get quiet between us, he reached for my hand. It shocked me and set a shiver up my whole arm.

      "Hey, let's go dance." he said as he pulled me out of the booth. We walked on over to the dance floor and we began dancing, which was surprising seeing as I cant dance. On any occasion, there would have been no way i would have agreed to dance. I am a terrible dancer; so bad that I was asked to leave my ballet class when I was twelve. Yet, here I was busting out these dance moves I didn't know I was able to do.

      "Your a really good dancer!" he said as we both broke into a fit of laughter.


      Wow, he was really drunk.

      "Yeah I know!" I said with a smile plastered on my face. 

      Damn, I was so drunk that I'm sure I was pretty much loosing brain cells by now.

      Our bodies moved together, as if we where one person. He moved his hands down my waist almost touching my butt. On any normal occasion I would have smacked the bastard and be on my way out, but I didn't know what was happening, and I wasn't able to process it so I let it be.

      We where both handed another drink and we chugged it down. The music slowed down and he kept his hands in place, as I moved my hands to his neck. Our bodies inched forward and we had almost no breathing space. Things became fuzzy after that; I can't recall almost anything.

      The next thing I knew we where sheepishly walking to the girl's bathroom. He pushed me up against the wall our lips meeting each other, as I broke into a laughing fit. He moved his head down to my neck, his hands trying to unzip my dress. This wasn't me, I'm not a whore and I never will be. I moved my hands from his back onto his chest, in an attempt to push him away. I tilted my head back as my hands lowered to his well defined chest, as I traced my nails back to his back. His hips pushed themselves onto mine as I heard the sound of my zipper unzipping.


      The door flew open and there stood Zayn Malik, the guy who paid for me. My eyes met his and I sent him a look that made him push Harry off of me. It wasn't till he said his name that I realized who curly-head was.

       He wasn't here to see Zayn, he wasn't even a fan, he was Harry Styles from One Direction. All this time I've been with him and I didn't even notice. But still I don't care if it was Harry Styles or the queen herself; he had no right to go all the way like that.

      "I'm really sorry, he's just not himself lately." Zayn said as he tried to apologize for Harry.

      I wanted to say something but I couldn't, so I just nodded and swallowed the barf that was about to come up my throat.

      "It's alright," I lied but i just was so distracted by him i only managed to say that as he smiled and started to take Harry out of the bathroom. 

      "Oh and one more thing, what's your name?" 

      "I'm Ariel." I managed to say slowly, partially because of the alcohol but also because I started to get nervous.

      "Like the little mermaid?" Zayn asked as I blushed, I didn't know he was so hot in person.

       "Yeah, like the little mermaid." I answered back with a sly smile.

       "Thanks for not freaking out Ariel."

      I nodded as I started to feel sick again.

      "You never saw us here, alright?" he said as he winked.

       "Alright, I never saw you guys here." and with that, the most hottest guy I ever seen walked away. As I rushed to the stall, about ready to throw up all the beer I drank.

- - - -

      The next morning when my friends and I woke up, we could hardly recall anything about yesterday. We where all still in our outfits from yesterday with our make up and hair a mess. 

       "My god..." Alice said as she sat up from the couch she was laying on. Stella and I were scattered in the living room, none of us could make it to Alice's room so we all just crashed in her living room.

      "What happened last night?" I asked as I sat up as well and saw Alice and Stella freak out and pointing at me.

      "Ariel what the hell are those?" Stella said as she kept pointing at me.

      "Stel, what are you talking about?"

      "On your neck! What are those?" Alice said as I got up and waked to her bathroom. I flicked the lights on as I stood in front of the mirror.

      "Holy crap!" on my neck where hickeys, five at the most. They where each a reddish deep purple color.

       "Oh my god! Ariel who gave you those?" Stella asked as she turned me around to get a better look.

      "Look there's like five of them!" Alice said, as she was freaking out.

       "Who gave them to you?" Stella asked once again, Alice wasn't talking, so I was left to answer her question.

      "Umm.. H-Harry," I muttered under my breath.

      "Harry who?" Alice asked.

      "Styles..." coming into realization that the Harry Styles gave me these hickeys.

      The room fell silent as my two friends exchanged looks, then broke into a fit of laughter.

      "Oh my god! Ariel you were so drunk last night that you don't even remember who gave you those hickeys." Stella said as started to laugh even more.

      "Aww, poor Ariel. Poor, sweet little Ariel; who knew you had that in you." Alice said referring to last night and the hickeys. 

      "At this moment I honestly don't care! I have these in my neck and my mum is bound to pick me up any second now!"

      "Umm, I read somewhere that you should put the back of a spoon on then to make them go away." Stella said as Alice went to go get several spoons. 

      That's when I heard my phone ring in the distance. Stella dashed for it as I tried to put cold water on the hickeys.

      "It's your mum!" Stella said as I panicked. I ran out of the bathroom and answered my phone.

      "Mum! H-hey! What's up?" I looked at Stella who shot me a look like she was trying to contain her laughter.

        "Ariel, I just wanted to let you know that I am going to go visit your grand-mum. If you could ask Alice if you could stay a tad bit longer, that would be great."

       "Umm, Alice said its fine." I said my mind easing.

       "Great, bye."

      "Bye," and with that I heard the steady one note tone of a ended call.

      "My mum said I have to stay longer because she's visiting my grand-mum." I said as I turned to Stella and Alice, sighing.

       "Oh, that's better, maybe we can fix these things." Alice said as she pressed the back of a cold spoon down on one of the hickeys.

       "How long does it usually take for them to go away?" I asked as Stella picked up another spoon.

      "A day.." Alice muttered as I face palmed.

       "Alice, I honestly don't have that time!" they both took the spoons off of my neck as they crossed there hands on their chests.

       "I'll just massage them or something, let's just go do something else," I said as I tried to think of something else.

- - - 

       It was the dead of winter; my second week into winter break. I was already sick of being home and doing nothing.

      'Hey wanna go someplace today?' 

      It was a text from Alice.

      I got up from my bed as I reached for my phone which was on my desk, charging.

      'Yeah I'm like dying of boredom.'

      'Lol, so I heard that One Direction are going to be in town today.' I rolled my eyes as I read the text.

      'Your point?' I could picture Alice rolling her eyes as she read this.

       'Well we're going to find them.' 

      "Well guess what? I don't want to." I said out loud as I set my phone back onto the table to finish it's charging. Ever since October when we went to the club and I met Harry and Zayn, i haven't been the same person I was. In fact I've chosen to stay away from clubs- just till I sort things out with myself. What I mean by that is ever since that night, every time I look at one of the posters hanging on Alice's wall of Harry, I feel something, it's not anything good. I don't like him, in fact I find myself to be slightly scared I him, I found myself reaching to my neck where the hickeys where a few months ago.

       "Ariel, honey, come down stairs for a minute please!" it was my mum calling me down stairs; I found this to be quite strange seeing as my mum hardly ever talks to me; it's always busy, busy, busy for her. I took my hand off my neck as I walked down stairs.

      "Yeah, mum, what's up?" I asked.

      "Could you run some errands for me?" she asked as she stood there in her business suite. It was around 1pm and she came home to check up on me. With my father's passing a few years ago, my mom had taken over the family; she works more hours humanly possible and is hardly at home.

      "Yeah, sure thing, where do you want me to go?" 

      "The bakery, pick up anything you see useful. And just go to the supermarket after wards." 

      I can only buy useful things, which would be what?

      "Right, are you going to eat lunch with me? I can take-"

       "No, I'll be going soon I just came to check up on you." I knew she would say that, but maybe just one day she can say yes and we'll go out to eat and just talk. She felt to me as more of a stranger and hardly a mother.

      I walked upstairs and grabbed my keys and phone as I searched for my purse. Once i had everything I walked down the stairs and out the door, unlocking my car. 

      I started the car and  backed out into the street. My mind was in other places, wandering around and I wasn't able to concentrate on the road.

        I've been told I was one to always over think situations; that if something were to happen to me, I would always keep thinking about it. And so that's why I was so caught up thinking about useless thought and how strange my mother acted to words me.

       I was so deep in thought that I didn't even realize I reached the bakery. I took the key out of the ignition, grabbed my purse and got out of my car locking it behind me.

      Pushing open the cold metal doors of the bakery open, I was invited in with the sweet sent of bread. I looked around to see nothing but bread around me and a line of few people. As I walked over to the people in line to join them, I scanned the bread to see what was 'useful'. 

      When the line shortened each time, I couldn't help but to smell something other than bread. Something strong, yet powerful; something like a man's cologne. I looked in front of me and studied the back of a slightly taller than me male. He wore a army green jacket , a black beanie, jeans  and black boots. I tried to get a closer look of his face, but I didn't succeed, all I could notice was his curly hair sticking out of a black beanie.

       I came to the conclusion that standing in front of me was Harry Styles. And I almost turned around and left, but I knew that if I left I wouldn't be able to come back later, as the bakery closes early. I didn't know what to do, let alone feel; should I wave and act like we where buddies? Or should I act cool, like I forgot.

       He didn't seem to notice me as he began to order what he wanted, which I found to be perfect; as I didn't want him to notice me. I was afraid of what he would say. 

       "Hi, can I have a large hot chocolate with two scones."

       "What would you like with your hot chocolate?" the lady at the register asked.

    "Uh, what do you have?"

      "Look behind you sir." she said as she pointed to the menu behind me.


      He turned around and I stood their like a deer caught in head lights. His eyes met mine but I quickly broke our stare as he found his way to the menu. He didn't say anything, and neither did I.

      "Erm, no I'll be fine; could you put extra sugar in it please?" he said as he turned back around.

      "Sure thing sir, one moment please." and with that she walked off to make his order.

      He didn't turn around, he just stood their as he pulled out his iPhone and played a game. I let out a discrete sigh of relief as another woman took my order.

       "Can I have two loaves of bread, a small hot chocolate and a red velvet cupcake." I said as I eyes the cupcake lovingly, I decided to treat myself for not running away at the sight of Harry. 

      I waited for my order next to him, but he didn't seem to notice me, as he continued to play his game. We where both handed our orders at the same time, as I walked over to the utensil and napkin section. Harry was there but he was texting away at his phone. I stood in front of the napkins and packed them in my bag.

         The next thing I knew was that he reached towards me, his body moving closer to mine as his right arm crossed my chest. Holy crap, was he going to hug me? I panicked as I moved my right arm, elbowing him in his chest. Surprised, he dropped his hot chocolate, and I watched as it fell to the floor. It splattered all over his boots, the bottom of his pants, my tan uggs and the end of my white jacket. 

       "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I said as I quickly reached for napkins and started to clean up the floor. I grabbed a few more napkins, dabbing his shoes. I felt so stupid, because he wasn't trying to hug me, he was reaching over for napkins.

      He knelt down next to me vigorously cleaning the floor. "Hey, uh,it's fine, I probably deserved it for you know, taking advantage of you in the club." I looked at him, right in his eyes and then looked back at the ground, picking up the empty cup and lid, standing up.

      Well, this was awkward.

      "You remembered?" I said partially astonished as I stood up from the ground. I was shocked at how easy it was for me to talk to him, seeing as he was a rising star.

       "We'll yeah, haven't had that much fun in a while." He said as he smirked.

      That mother--

      "Kidding," he said as he dumped his trash in the garbage can.

      Kidding or not, anger boiled inside of me.

      "You're disgusting," I muttered as he looked at me stunned, I bit the inside of my cheek.

      "We'll that's rude." He said as I stood their motionless. Heat rose in my cheeks, I was embarrassed that he heard me and was confronting me about it.

      "Sorry, I'm really sorry, that was rude of me," I said as I pulled out my wallet from my pocket, "Here, let me pay for you're hot chocolate." I stretched out my hand and was surprised to see that it was slightly shaking. He looked at my hand then back at me as he shook his head.

      "Nah, its fine, I deserve that," he started. "I'm not in the hot chocolate mood anymore," he said as he smiled, his dimple showing but I could tell the smile was not genuine.

      I just watched him as he made his way to the bakery's door and walked out. I shoved utensils into the bag which contained the bread and the cupcake and walked out the door as well.

      I felt bad and silently cursed as I walked to my car, pulled out my car keys. I placed the items in the passenger seat and started he ignition. As I sighed I looked directly across the parking lot to see Harry leaning against his car talking to someone on the phone. I felt really bad about what I said and I was just as drunk myself. I should go and apologize to him again, because it was obvious that he was offended by what I said. As I pushed open my door, determined to apologize he was greeted by fans. The number of fans doubled by the second and soon I wasn't able to see him; I got back in my car, buckled my seat belt up and drove away.
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