Summer Games

The Summer Games. Every year, teens from all over the world compete in them. Boys against girls, fighting over the ultimate prize. The rules are simple, no cheating, no violence, and most importantly, do NOT associate with anyone on the other teams, not to mention fall in love. And that is why I am screwed.


6. Please Read


Hello everyone!!


I came on here today to see that I had 84 likes on this!! :O


I've been trying to work on a chapter but I won't be updating for a few days and before I mysteriously disappear I would like to give you an explanation.


So you all know that my moms been sick. It is not a kidney thing (thank goodness!) but the doctors don't know what it is. Her back has been hurting and she cant be up for too long (she's only 40, I think that that's kinda young to be having these issues), so I have had to help her out over the past week or two. She said the other day that on Tuesday she was going to take me to 'This Is Us' (because everyone I know had already seen it -.-) but now it really doesn't look like it. Today she seemed to be worse. I would like to thank you for all your prayers and love(:


Also my great grandma and aunt got in an car accident. My aunt is okay but my great grandma had to have surgery. Her spine cracked and at her age (Shes 93) it won't heal on its self. She went into surgery at 1:00 o'clock today and we haven't heard any news since.


So, I just wanted to explain everything for you guys. I am going to a wedding tomorrow, and its up by where my great grandma and aunt live (about 2 hours away) , so I will be able to see them. My Grandma lives up there as well, so we'll be staying the night there.


I love you guys so so so so so so much and I will be back on here by Tuesday(:



Love you all!!

Claire(: Xxxx

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