You're with the Geek?

Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


2. What's a 'best friend?'

Georgia's POV - 

I slid beside Carol and Ashley at the lunch table. They stared at my like I killed someone. "Is it true??" They asked in sync. I set my fork back down into my bowl, "You know, a B- on a test isn't that bad. Why does everyone make such a big deal about—" "No. Not that. About Marcel." I smiled really wide, "Oh. Yeah, he asked me yesterday." Carol looked at me in disgust, "I can't believe you said yes to a loser." "Hey!" Ashley said, defending me, "That's rude, Carol." I nodded. Why the fuck would she say that? A so-called 'best friend' she is.  "And? You know he's a loser. You can do so much better," She rolled her eyes. "Carol, I think this is enough, Marcel makes Georgia happy. You should be happy that she's happy," Ash said. "No. Like I said, I think that he's a major loser, and you can do better. Plus I don't wanna be hanging around a girl who's dating a loser." She stared down at her food. Ashley stood up and left. "He isn't a loser, and you're being really ignorant, Carol. Do you know about our past? No. Do you know about how I see him? No. So shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down." I picked up my tray and sat at an empty table. How could I even call her my best friend? Why would she say such a thing? God. I was so ticked off, I lost my appetite and burried my head in my hands. "Georgia?" I looked up, it was Marcel. "Oh. I'm sorry. Is this your table? I don't wanna have to let you sit somewhere else." He smiled, "No, no. I actually just saw you from my table over there. Are you alright?" I nodded, "I guess. I don't know." I burried my head in my hands again. He sat down, "You wanna talk about it?" I pushed my tray towards him, a gesture of offering, "Would you be okay with that..?" He smiled, "Of course. What's up?" He picked up my fork and spun a little spaghetti onto it. "I don't know. Carol was one of my best friends. And she just said something so rude and ignorant about something really important to me. I don't know Marcel, it's just.." I sighed. He lifted the fork up to my mouth. I smiled and took a little of it. "Well if Carol is being ignorant about something REALLY important to you, then she shouldn't be going around calling herself your 'bestfriend.' It's not right, you deserve better than her." I smiled and sighed, "Why did I make such a bad decision in Freshman Year?" I picked up the breadstick and tore a piece off, holding the piece in front of Marcel's mouth. "Like what?" He said, opening wide. I moved the bread around as he followed it like a chewtoy. We laughed and he grabbed my hand, taking the bread from me. His tooth slid down my thumb, "OW!" I yelled, poking his cheek. His dimples formed as he chuckled, "I'm sorry!" I smiled at him, "Why did I become a bitch these past few years?" He smiled, "Well you're not a bitch to me." I shook my head, "I felt like I was the bitchest to you.." He smiled and leaned over the table, our faces about an inch away, "Well you weren't. Maybe you were different, but I'm sure you weren't a bitch." He kissed my nose. I scrunched it up and made a kissy face he pecked at my lips. We smiled, "You're perfect.  Don't forget that." I smiled, "I won't."   I woke up a little late on Saturday. I should have been out by 12 PM, but instead I woke up at 12 PM. I had a big day ahead of me, but to start it off, I had pancakes and a cup of coffee. The doorbell rung. "MOOOOOM!" I yelled as she came from downstairs, "Can you answer the door? Love you." She shook her head, "Heh, love you too." The door swung open, it was Ashley. "Ash! What are you doing here? Aren't you suppossed to be shopping with Carol..?" She sat in front of me, "After what she did yesterday? I don't think so." She cut a piece of pancake for herself and took a sip of my coffee. I lightly slapped her head, "You shit. But does this mean you're getting ready with me?" I smiled like a freak. "Of course! And thanks for the breakfast babydoll." I rolled my eyes, "Alright, I'm gonna get ready and then we can head out," I said, walking up the stairs. "I'll be on your couch!"    "Do you really like Marcel? Or are you doing this.. You know, just because you feel bad..?" Ash said as she glanced at me from the driver's side. "In all honesty, I have a mad crush on him," I said. Finally, I let it out, after hiding it for so long, I'm able to confirm it, and speak the truth. She smiled at me, "I can tell. You seemed so happy at that table with him yesterday." I froze, "Oh.. Uh.. You saw that? I mean, no.. It was nothing.." She smirked, "Yeah, because nose kisses and pecks are nothing; nothing at all, Georgia." I lightly pushed her. "But it was pretty cute," She said as she parked. I smiled to myself. She took her sunnies off and looked over at me, "And I'm looking forward to more of it." 
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