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Georgia Rose was best friends with Marcel in Primary School, but once high school hit, their friendship was over. What happens now that he misses her in Senior Year?


6. Back On Track.

Georgia's POV -

We piled into all the cars, luckily I got to ride with Harry alone. "Where are we even going?" I asked him as we followed the other boys in their cars. He grabbed my hand & rubbed the top of my palm,  "I think we're going to Irvine Spectrum." The rest of the car ride we spoke about his past, and how everything works now. When he moved to America, his parents thought that he'd need an 'American' name, so they stuck with Marcel. In high school, he meant to stay low in the crowds, he didn't want to become popular and have his cover blown. "So you're practically living like Hannah Montana?" I asked. "I guess so," He laughed, and whenever he turned over to glance at me, a little reflection of the sun shined in his eyes. His dimples and smile also made everything so much better. 

After a long, but nice drive we finally got to the mall. The other boys got their car sent to the valet, while I convinced Harry to park himself. Although we took forever to find a spot, we all met up in the mall at the same time. I grabbed onto Harry's arm, "Will paparazzi see us?" "Yup." Liam answered as he took a sip of Sprite. "They always do," Niall added. "Well.. People from school people see your pictures, and they'll recognize me.. And your cover will be blown." He smiled and kissed the top of my head, "We have a week of school left. It's gonna have to come out soon, so why not now?" "You make it sound like you're gay," Louis said. Which was weird, because Larry and everything. I was really tempted to ask about it, but I didn't want to kill a mood or anything. Every now and then, a couple of girls came up to them and asked for pictures. I stepped out of everything. No one asked about me, which was good.

Harry's POV -
Soon we all headed our seperate ways, Georgia and I heading off alone. She helped me get a couple new clothes from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. I took her over to Brandy Melville to buy a couple of skater skirts. "I told you not to get them, Harry." She said as I handed her the bag and laughed. "I dooon't care, you still got them." "Well then, thank you." She said as she tip-toed to give me a peck on the lips. I quickly pecked back, "Anytime, beautiful." In all honesty, nothing was better than seeing her happy and smiling, even when it wasn't about me. Just something about the meaning behind the smile made me happy. Her body was full of joy and happiness. And when she laughed, oh when she laughed, it was the cutest thing ever. It made me even happier to think that she was so happy that her body couldn't contain her joy and let out a burst of laughter. Nothing better, I tell you,  nothing better at all.

Georgia's POV -
"I'm tired." I said as we all headed back to the cars. It was a quarter til 8, and we got there at 3. "Tell me about it," Eleanor said. Harry opened my door for me, "Gentleman, aren't you?" He smirked and shrugged as he walked over to the driver's side. We drove back to Louis' place, the night was still pretty young. I noticed there were a couple more cars than we saw before. "What's happening here?" Harry asked as we all got out of the cars. "Some of the management came over to talk about the tour start-up," Louis said as he opened up the door. I pulled Harry back onto the sidewalk as everyone else went in, "You're leaving for tour again..? But we just.. And.." He smiled and hugged me really tight, "Don't worry baby, everything's gonna be alright." He kissed my forehead and took me inside to find all of the boys sitting in the lounge, along with their girlfriends and a couple of older people. "Harry! Georgia! Nice to meet you, come take a seat," One of the older people said as Harry and I shared a loveseat. "So the tour starts up again on Tuesday, and for this half, there are some exceptions." Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it really hard, I didn't know what to expect. "You can take ONE person with you. That's final," A woman said. He loosened his grip, but still held on and turned his head to smirk at me. Everyone broke out in small talk and Harry turned to face me. He held my hands, "Will you go with me?" I felt my lips quiver, was I nervous? I didn't even know how I felt, "Aren't you going to take your mom or sister or..?" He shook his head, "They never wanna go with me." I didn't even hesitate, "Then sure."  "I can't wait," He said as he kissed my nose.  Harry drove me back to my house and walked me in. I took his arms and wrapped them around me and hugged his torso, "I don't want you to leave. You should spend the night again." I felt his chest vibrate against mine as he laughed, "I would." "Then you should!" He broke free and grabbed his car keys. "Alright, I'm gonna get a change of clothes, I'll be back in 10. Have a movie and some snacks ready," He said as he kissed me quickly. "Okay. See you soon."  I pulled out the mattress from the couch and set up the bed facing the telly. I also grabbed some Lays from the cupboard, a can of Arizona for me, and a bottle of apple juice for Harry. Right when he got back, we got settled and soon drifted off to sleep. 
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