Moving Away

Chloe, Skye and Olly, three best friends living in London, only thing is Skye is moving to America and dosnt have the guts to tell her friends, but when she feels like shes being ignored she decides not to bother, but will Chloe and Olly get angry hen they finally find out?


5. Its good to have your friends back

Chloe, Olly and Skye went to the cafe once they had finished packing up everything to celebrate that Skye was going to live in America. They sat and laughed and talked and Skye wasn't left out one bit. Skye almost forgot that Chloe and Olly were dating and Skye looked into his eyes and suddenly felt how much she loved being here and how much she was going to miss it. They all woke up quite late the next day, they were really tired from all of yesterday's packing. Skye's room was quite boring without any of her posters on the walls or her make-up spilt all over her dressing table. Her pens and pencils weren't covering her desk. Skye was to busy looking at her boring room to notice that her mum was standing in the doorway, as soon as Skye's mum saw Skye looking at her she stepped in and sat on Sky's bed. Skye sat up, rufferling her hair. Skye's mum looked really excited about something But Skye had no idea what. "How do you feel about us having a leaving party" blurted Skye's mum,
"urghhhhhh, mmmmuuuuuummm" complained Skye

"you can have your friends round, Luke's having his best friend here" said Skye's mum thinking that was going to solve everyhing.

"mum I don't feel like having a party"complained Skye

"tough because we are having one tomorrow" said mum with an annoyed look on her face.

"urghhhhhhh" Skye said annoyed and lied back on her pillow and kept on sleeping.


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