Moving Away

Chloe, Skye and Olly, three best friends living in London, only thing is Skye is moving to America and dosnt have the guts to tell her friends, but when she feels like shes being ignored she decides not to bother, but will Chloe and Olly get angry hen they finally find out?


7. Goodbye

"Thats the last of the boxes" said Skye tears dripping down her face, she smiled and fell into Chloe's arms. Chloe could feel her shoulder getting wet but she didn't care. Skye gently pushed away and  hugged Olly. Skye picked up a big brown box and put a small, white one on top and put them in the boot of they're car. She turned around to face her friends and and waved. Skye opened the car door and slipped inside. Chloe and Olly waved tears falling uncontrollably down their faces as the car drove away. "We can still visit her" said Olly as the car drove out of the drive. "Yeah" agreed Chloe, she turned around and started to walk home. After about five minutes Olly walked away aswell. He wiped the tears off his face as he entered his house and ran upstairs to his room and stayed there until supper, he was sure Chloe was feeling the same.

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