24/Seven (A Big Time Rush Fanfic)

When Evan meets the famous James Maslow from Big Time Rush at her summer camp, they instantly hit it off and become great friends.... But what happens when James starts to fall for Evan? With four crazy guys, a month long camp, and plenty of horseback rides, find our what happens in '24/Seven.'


4. Chapter 4

(Evan's POV)

"Captains,"  I hear someone call.  I look at Kendall and Logan, who both nod at me.  Okay.  I stride towards the ref, who briefly tells me and the other captain, a tall, muscular boy who looks at me like I'm something disgusting he's found on the bottom of his shoe.  I win the coin toss and elect to serve first.

This is a pretty organized thing, for a "recreational" tournament.  It seems like people get super into it, they've gotten real refs and everything.  Oh yeah, and there's only one girl in the tournament this time.  Yours truly.

When I asked Kendall and Logan why, they told me it was because all the other girls have been scared off by the teams of guys who take it way too seriously.  

"They get scared.  Of breaking their nails, of getting hit in the face, who knows what.  But they never come back, and word gets around."

I shake my head, coming back to the present.  I'm gonna be fine.  The ref leaves me and the other captain to talk and introduce ourselves, which I've been told is customary for this camp tournament-- since, ya know, they're supposed to build friendships here and stuff.

"I'm Evan,"  I say, waving slightly at the boy.

"Kevin,"  He says curtly, not waving or smiling.

"Its great weather." I say bluntly, not really knowing what else to say.

"Doesn't matter.  We'll beat you either way."  Okay then.  Friendly guy.

"Um..." I'm not sure how to respond, but I don't have to because he cuts me off.

"Look, no team with a girl on it has ever made it past the second round.  And my team isn't about to let you beat us.  Girls. Don't. Win."  I smile, trying not to get mad.

"Alright, well that may be true, but I'm gonna do everything I can to change that little tradition of yours."

"It won't work.  You're weak, judging from the look of you, and I'm surprised Kendall and Logan were stupid enough to choose you,"  He trails off as Kendall comes up behind me.

"Something wrong, Kevin?" He asks innocently, although I know perfectly well he knows what's happening here.

"Not at all," He replies, smirking.  "Good luck,"  He finishes, before turning away on his heel and going back to the other two guys on his team, who immediately begin talking and shooting looks at our side of the court.

"Sorry.  I forgot to let you know that most of the guys in this tournament are pretty upset with there being a girl in it.  They wanted it to be a test of manliness because they're idiots."

"I don't mind," I say, laughing.  And I mean it.  It's an advantage if all of them think I'm weak.

"Alright! Let's get this started," The ref calls out, tossing me the volleyball. He gives me the okay to serve, and I take four steps back from the line, just like always.  I take a deep breath, focusing right on Kevin's face.  I'm not going to aim for it though.  That would be stupid.  I toss the ball up, taking the familiar jump into my serve-- my jump serve.  Left, right-left.  Swing through.  My palm hits the ball perfectly, I can hear it, and it sails over the net, with just the right amount of topspin, and falls perfectly into the back corner of the court.  Right over Kevin's head.  I couldn't be happier with it, in fact it was abnormally good.



(James' POV)

I watch from the sideline as Evan jumps into her serve.  Yikes.  I would not want to be on the other end of that.  It's one of the best serves I've ever seen her have, although I only went to one of the makeshift practice sessions they had.  From where I am, I'm about 10 feet from the opposing team, where a guy named Kevin just had the serve go right over his head.  I hear him curse under his breath.  After hearing his little confrontation with Evan earlier, it must be pretty humiliating for him personally to have that serve beat him so easily.

But I think its pretty cool.  Plus, Kevin's a jerk.  So I just sit back, cheer and watch the rest of the game.


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