Whos There?

daisy keeps seeing stuff but she doesnt know why there there or who there from! whos there? find out now......


3. what happens next

When Daisy's mum gets home from work she stumbles into Daisy's room to check up on her before she goes to bed herself but when she got into the room she realized daisy wasn't there... 

Daisy's mum panicked and looked for her all over the house but she was no where to be seen. By the time she looked all owner the house she was crying her eyes out I'm surprised she didn't flood the house with tears, so she dialled in there number 999 and asked if they had seen her and the reply was yes. `where was she Daisy's mum cried with relief`, she was found headless sticking out of a dustbinthe police said WHAT so she's dead         I'm afraid so madame and Daisy's mum fell to the ground very uncontious ...

The end 

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