Under One Moon

Brooklyn Faegan has just recently moved from sunny California to Tenafly, New Jersey. Her only real concern is making it through junior year at a new high school. That is, until she meets Easton Harlock. Young, hot, and single, he's the boy everyone wants. But getting involved with Easton means getting involved in his secrets. Can Brooklyn keep the dark secrets Tenafly has to hold? Or will the full moons bring out the animal in everyone?


2. Chapter 2

“So, where are you from?” 

Easton asked me, looking down at the questionnaire paper. I knew the question wasn’t on the paper, since I had already looked it over, but I was expecting it either way since I was the new girl after all.

“California. I’ve been here a week.”

“Really? I went to Cali once. It was only for a week the summer before sixth, but I still thought it was awesome. Why’d you move?” He asked, seeming to have forgotten the paper all together.

I absentmindedly cleared my throat and sat up in my chair a little more. “Well my parents obviously…” I shrugged, looking at the desk. “My dad’s an athletic recruiter. Except he only recruited from New Jersey, so my parents figured it would just be easier if we all moved down.” 

I took a minute to really look at Easton. Getting a closer look, I stuck to my theory of him being on the younger side. He still had somewhat of a baby face. A few light freckles sprinkled his face, and his medium lengthed auburn hair was swept up in the front, gelled straight.  His pale complexion made his emerald eyes pop out. I had to admit that he was sort of cute.

“Sweet. Okay, let’s look at this paper…” He mumbled, leaning towards the desk more and scanning the paper with his eyes.


After nearly an hour of talking with Easton, I had learned enough about him to consider him in the “friend” category. This was proven when he asked if he wanted to sit with some of his friends at lunch. I wasn’t sure what Alena was doing, if she even planned on inviting me to sit with her, but I didn’t think turning down his offer would come off as good. 

I had also been right about his age. He had informed me that he was in fact a sophomore, and would be turning sixteen next month. 

We were still talking when Alena had opened the door to my class. She spotted me over with Easton and smiled at both of us. I watched as Easton raised his arm to wave. I momentarily wondered if they were friends or if they were just being friendly. After talking to my teacher for a second, Alena made her way over to us.

“’Sup Al?” Easton said, giving her a nod.

Okay. They definitely had to be friends.

Alena smiled at him. “Hey. So you met Brooklyn?” She asked, looking between both of us. Easton nodded again.

“Yeah, we’re lab partners.” He explained.

“Nice. Well I have to take Brooklyn to our next class, so we’ll see you around.”

I took that as my queue to start packing up, which I did. Quickly, I took the sheet the teacher had passed out to help us get to know our partners better and shoved it in my bag. I simultaneously pushed in my chair while slinging my bag over my shoulder. My teacher said a quick goodbye to me before Alena quickly whisked me out the door. Once the door was securely shut, she turned to face me while we walked.

“What do you think of Easton?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shrugged. I had only talked to him for under an hour, but what I saw of him I liked.

“He’s cool, I guess. Funny.” I met her stare, which was a playful smirk. “What?”

She giggled and shook her head, her strawberry blond hair falling over her shoulder. “Nothing, nothing. Me and Easton are pretty close. We used to live in the same apartment building. You’ll like him. Everyone does.” She gave me a reassuring smile. I didn’t exactly doubt her. He seemed like a likeable person, and when we were doing our paper a few people stopped by his desk to have a brief chat with him. He was even nice enough to introduce me to all of them.

We walked the rest of the way to English in silence. We had to wait outside of the door for a minute or two since we had left first period early. I didn’t mind though, Alena was a cool girl. While we were waiting she filled me in on the local school gossip. Again, since I didn’t know any of these people, I didn’t really listen to much of it, or I quickly forgot what she said. 

My thoughts were only on that of a certain auburn haired boy. 

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