My Diary

Yeah. If you already haven't guessed, this is my diary. It will contain my thoughts and secrets. Sorry if it offends anyone in anyway, I wasn't meant to. I thought I'd do one since everyone else kind of has.


1. Dear Diary #1





Dear Diary,


 Wow, what an original way of starting a diary off. (Note the sarcasm). Today I met a lot new people, and talked to the most amazing person who I now have the honour of calling my boyfriend. Love you George. Our ship name is #Geosh. I'm part of the #TerribleTrio as well. It consists of me, George and Lottie. Yeah, Lottie is like my best friend now. Shelley also said she'll give me lessons on how to be classy. I've had a fun day today. I got KFC too ;). I bet you're jealous. 


 Talk soon,


              -Sasha x

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