Living in the shadow of two geniuses.

First there was Artemis. Then there was Myles. The older Artemis is already known to be a child- or teenage- genius and Myles is closely following. But have you ever wondered how poor stupid Beckett felt growing up with his over shadowing twin and then finding out he had another brother that was even smarter? Even more a genius than the four year old that has already become smarter than most thirteen year olds. This story tells of how Beckett felt after all the hubbub was over. He’s finally starting secondary school and great things are expected from him. Those people are to be gravely disappointed…


1. Overshadowed


“Beckett! Are you listening? Why can’t you be more like your brother? He’s always helping out.” Beckett Fowl wasn’t listening to his mother. It was always Artemis this, Myles that. He was sick of it. The two clever clogs’ always seemed to be keeping something from them all, like they knew they would never understand their work.

                “Who do you mean now?”

                “Weren’t you listening? For goodness sake, you never listen to anything I say. I’m talking about Arty! He always helped out with you two when you were little! The least you could do is clean his room for him while he’s… away.”  She snapped.

                “Why can’t Myles do it?” The boy moaned, running an irritated hand through his blond hair. There was something else that made him different; he looked nothing like either of his brothers. His blond hair and blue eyes and athletic composure made for the stereotypical idiot. ‘A typical blond’ people would say.

                “Myles is working on something to surprise Arty with when he gets back.”

                “How do you know that I wasn’t?” Beckett knew this was a lost cause. When had he ever made anything that wasn’t made from paper and glue when he was four… four was an age he didn’t enjoy thinking of. With the Berserkers and Artemis dying… Not the best of years. He’d been told by his psychiatrist that he should forget about that because he was so old… but he never had. It stuck in his head like it had only been yesterday. One thing he did remember with pride, was the moment when he’d been momentarily freed from the Berserker’s mental hold and managed to hit the pixie Opal Koboi. One of his proudest moments ever! At least he could be praised for that.

                It wasn’t like he thought he wasn’t loved by his family, honestly it was simple jealousy that made Beckett so resentful of his brothers sometimes.


Angeline Fowl raised her eyebrows at the ridiculousness of her son’s statement and ruffled his hair in a rather patronising way she’d never dare to use with Myles or Arty, most likely from fear of waking up with her hand melded to the other or something ridiculous like that… you should never underestimate Artemis and Myles Fowl.

                Though at least there were things Beckett was better than them in. Like sports, self-defence and anything else that involved exercise in any way. He was able to out run his twin for as long as he could remember, even Artemis was almost slower than him. The only reason he was even slightly faster was because of all the times he’d spent saving the world and all that stuff. He made it sound like it wasn’t that big a deal, but it wasn’t of course. That damned pixie had troubled his oldest brother too many times for Beckett’s tolerance. He was sure that he’d felt the fact that she’d once hurt Arty, and that was the reason he’d hit her. That would make him a bit clever.


The boy did do well in his classes. He got just under top marks in most of his tests and most certainly wasn’t the most stupid child in his class, but because they used to have to sit in alphabetical by last name, he was always beside Myles, and constantly being out done by him.

But that little know-it-all had been moved out of his class sometime in the middle of year four and moved into secondary school. It was obvious in another couple of years he’d be moving into Oxford or Cambridge, even a good university abroad… in Asia or something…



“Just go, Beckett.” His mother said tiredly. Beckett sighed and traipsed up the stairs of Fowl manor and into Artemis’ room.      

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