Justin bieber



2. Justin Bieber


 1.Justin is learning to deal with haters better now. He says "I don't pay attention to the people who doubt me!"

  2.Selena Gomez says it would be "a dream come true" to do a duet with Justin.

  3.Justin was in his car and people spotted him and though candy at the windows.

  4.In Trenton, while Justin was singing 'Down To Earth' he rolled off stage because he burst into tear's.

  5.Fans are paying over $4000 for a special meet and greet with Justin at the California Mid-State Fair.

  6.Justin and Disney Star Brenda Song are set for a new candy endorsement deal.

  7.Justin and his swagger coach hit on girls sometimes and help them with weights.

  8.Justin hates when hes driving and the drivers around him don't use a turn signal.

  9.Justin's mom, Pattie, Says justin has a "Dirty Mind" sometimes.

10.Justin still gives his mom a goodnight kiss.

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