Justin bieber



3. Justin Bieber facts


 1.Justin loves it when his fans call themselves BELIEBERS ♥ .♥

 2.Justin says nobody can control him when he’s in a party mood.

 3. Once a fan threw some sour patch kids on the stage and justin started eating them on stage.

 4.Justin says the craziest thing he has done at a soundcheck is running laps around the arena cos he was hyper.

 5.Justin L.O.V.E.S his fans and likes to thank them for everything they have done for him.

 6.Justins fav cartoon character is spongebob.

 7.Justin is the most watched celebrity, everywhere he goes there are paparazzi.

 8.Justin considers his fans like his own friends.

 9.Justin says if you want to meet him, instead of yelling "Justin!" ask him how he is and introduce yourself.

10.Jeremy Bieber, Justin's dad, was arrested a couple of times in his younger years (around ages 18-19).

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