One Direction, Let's Imagine

These are one direction imagines, I don't take suggestions yet, I'm going to start off doing random ones, love, fighting, harry, liam, niall, zany, louis, and random names!


1. Niall and Miranda

*Miranda's POV* 

"I don't love you anymore." "But Niall, why?" "Because, I like someone else, your just not good enough." "What?........" "I'm leaving" "Niall please! I just have one question." "What is it." "Am I really that easy to forget" "I dont know." You wake up form your dream crying and screaming, and again, just like every night, your hair is up in a messy bun, your palms are sweating and your make-up is smudged down your cheeks. "Princess?" Niall runs over to you and holds you tight, rubbing circles in your back. "Babe, it's okay, i'm here, i'm here." You continue to cry into his chest as he lays back, taking you with him and singing, "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me," He grabs your hand and kisses your for head. "But bare this in mind, it was meant to be," You both are softly singing together as he starts to question why you were just crying. "Well I had another nightmare...and you left me. You said I wasn't good enough an-" He cuts you off. "Miranda! I would never leave you, babe your my princess, your my world, your worthy of all the love in the world and I couldn't imagine life without you, your perfect and beautiful in every way." He drags his hands all over your body, pressing his lips into your lips and pulling off his shirt. He throws it onto the floor but keeps his gray NIKE sweatpants on and lays back down, grabbing your waist and pulling you on top of him. He continued singing little things as you drifted back to sleep. And before you were completely sleeping, you felt his lips on your head, and a pressure lift from the bed. You sat up quickly as you watched Niall head towards the door. "Niall.......are you really leaving...was that dream right?" "Princess, I'm just turning out the light." And with that he chuckled, flipped off the light, and crawled back into bed, kissing your lips one more time, and resting your head on his chest. And that's how you fell asleep, hand in hand, feeling his chest rise and fall, your boyfriend and your love, Niall James Horan, forever in love.

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