This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


5. Chapter 5.

*Harry's POV* 

I looked down at Sara and new something was different about this girl. She was special I new it and I just met her, I wanted to be with her all day everyday I don't know why I just did. She was staring at Riley and she was staring back with an evil/pervy look on her face I started laughing. "Why are you laughing?" I heard Sara squeak from under my arm.

"Because of the look she's giving you" I pointed to Riley.

"What look?" She said with an innocent face "I'm not giving anyone a look"

"But you were just and with the whole face thing" I stuttered out looking stupid, all of them started laughing till Louis jumped up after looking at his phone "YAY!!!" He screamed "Eleanor's here! She came back from holiday early!!! I have to go I'm gonna meet her at home, bye guys! Hope to see you soon ladies!" And with that he was off not even waiting for our answer. "They're so cute together" I smiled knowing how happy my best friend was. "Uhh hey Liam why don't we meet Perrie and Dani at the mall they're there and they want us to come over for a lunch date" said Zayn, I don't know if he was telling the truth or just trying to get us alone but Liam must have caught on and replied with a "Yeah sure". After a series of byes and hugs it was just Sara, Riley, Niall and myself left standing silently in the park. All of a sudden I got a burst of confidence and took Sara's other shoulder so she could look me in the face "Sara, will you go on a date with me?" And just as quickly as my confidence came it left and I felt my face go red. "I'd love to Harry!" She beamed at me I had to stop myself from screaming and without even thinking a grabbed her and kissed her. I stopped dead after about 5 seconds realising what I just did and backed off a bit to see a face of shock and happiness staring back at me. After what seemed like tears of silence Riley and Niall burst into loud whoops and whistling and again my face went red but this time is did Sara's and I just grabbed her shopping bags from the ground, her hand and sped off towards my car leaving Riley and Niall whistling behind us. I feel amazing.

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