This is my first story it will probably suck so sorry.......


11. Chapter 11.

*Riley's POV* 


"I...uhh...I said that I......ummm" he muttered something under his breath. Did he just say he loves me? He doesn't know me. Does he? I love him but that's because I know him and he is perfect to me. "You love me?" He looked up into my eyes. I was so mesmerized by that deep beautiful blue. "Yes" I heard him say, my mouth dropped open


"Umm yes" he said bearly audible and ducked his head so all I could see was his hair

"I love you" his head snapped up at me

"What?" He breathed out. I sat up causing him to sit up too, our faces were really close, our lips were brushing against each other I smiled and so did he. He closed the space between our lips and we were kissing, not rough and full of passion like before but sweet and full of love. We broke the kiss. And looked at each other. "Let's go shower then I wanna take you out ok?" I giggled at him and he smirked. I didn't answer him and just pulled him off the bed and to the shower . I heard him laugh as we jumped into the shower. I turned on the water and we started showering. He pulled me into him and turned me around "What are you doing!?" I yelled/laughed at him. He dumped something on my hair and rubbed it in "Are you washing my hair?" 

"Maybe" I could here the smile on his face. After washing ourselves and splashing each other with water we got out and dried ourselves. "Niall do you want to wear my friend Michaels clothes? He is our other room mate and I think you're the same size" 

"Why would I wear his clothes?" 

"I was just saying maybe you want to wear clean clothes,and he won't mind he's not even here, he's on holiday" 

"Oh yeah right clean clothes" he looked down at his ones on the floor "Yes please" I took him to Michaels room and gave him jeans and a charcoal grey v-neck shirt. "Is this ok?" He took his stuff "Perfect, thank you" and he kissed my cheek. We went to my room and started getting dressed, I put on white acid wash skinny jeans and my black bra and I was looking for a shirt when Niall threw something at me and it landed on my head I pulled it off and it was his faded baby blue t-shirt. I looked at him and smirked "What?" He smiled his beautiful smile

"I want you to wear it" I looked down at the fabric in my hand I looked back at him and he was still smiling I pulled it over my head and it fell just above my knees, it was really baggy and probably not the most appropriate thing to wear to lunch but I didn't want to take it off, it smelled like him and I was so so soft "Oh uh it's really big, I thought it'd be smaller" he sighed

"I think it's fine, just give me a sec" he looked up at me and I turned to my closet, I opened a drawer and pulled out a thick black leather belt and put it round my waist. I tied it and turned to the mirror "Well is it ok? I tried to make it like one of them long shirt dress things that people wear" I looked back at him he didn't answer just stared "What? it stupid?" I looked back at the mirror now disappointed with how I look. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist "You look beautiful, I've never liked that shirt so much before" he smiled and kissed my neck "Thank you Nialler!" I smiled big even though I was still unsure, I turned to him and pecked his lips then pulled away and went to my make up/hair/whatever that table thing is called and sat down I put on a chunky silver bracelet on my right arm since my left was already full of other bracelets covering my dark secret. I also pulled on a few black and silver neck lesses. I brushed my hair and it was still wet so I put it up in a messy bun and some hair pieces fell down making it look ok I guess. I grabbed my make up and put on eyeliner and mascara darkening my eye just like I like it, I put on some light lip-gloss and looked at my reflection, I frowned but got up anyways and walked to Niall "I'm ready now hahahaha" he s,lied and grabbed my hand we walked into the lounge and I grabbed my bag with my phone, wallet and other stuff that I need. We walked downstairs and into the parking space "So Ni before you met my bike, Max, now I want you to meet my other baby, Ed" I said as I took him to my Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé that my uncle gave my for my birthday, his mouth dropped and I laughed "My uncle gave it to me for my birthday, it's his old one so I got it I said with a smile as I got in the car. He got in. "Wow" I laughed

"Thanks boo" he looked at me all of a sudden and smiled really big "What?" 

"You called me boo" 

"So...don't you like it?" I frowned again

"No no no I love it I was just happy that I already have a nickname" I smiled and turned on the car. "So BOO," I mentioned just to see him laugh "where are we going?" 

"NANDOOOS!!" He yelled "Uhh if that's ok with you...." 

"It's perfect I freaking love Nandos" I said a little to exited 

"YAAAAY" he screamed and with that we sped down the drive way and all the way to Nandos.

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