The Tour

Eleanor was put into care when she was five and was split up from her brothers and sisters. one day during school she is reunited with her family as she goes on tour with them, but there is hate from her bully from school, Dan from District 3 doesn't like her much. and she falls in love with her sisters best mate. will the tour be too much drama. or will she survive and be happy with her new family


11. The baby

We had all rearranged the rooms. it was the same but i had moved in with union J and Greg and JJ and Sasha came with me. anyway we were pn the bus when suddenly we heard a scream come from the bathroom. we all immediately ran to find Perrie holding a pregnancy test. 

"OMG OMG OMG, I'M PREGNANT!!" She screamed and hugged all of us. we were all so happy for her. JJ grabbed my hand. i wanted children someday. Perrie dragged all of the girls out baby shopping. "what if we get the gender wrong," i said.

"lets get mixed Gender stuff," Jade said and we paired up and went off. i went with Perrie, Steph and Jade and Leigh-anne and Jesy. we walked in and i saw these really cute 1D baby converse. "we have to get those," i said. Perrie looked and nodded in agreement. we grabbed them along with a baby jack wills hoodie matching the ones me and Greg bought earlier and i brough a cuddly monkey. we went to meet the others. Steph and Jade had got a really cute red, white and blue stripy blanket a cuddly turtle and a monkey onesie. Leigh-anne and Jesy had got a t shirt with Union J on it, a set of little mix teddy bears and a really cute red and blue checked shirt. 

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