On the Waiting List For Heaven

I'm physically and mentally abused my family hates me. I have no friends so why even live right ? I've tried killing myself but something always gets in the way i've had enough and want out but instead of something stopping me it happens to be someone ... And this is why i'm on the waiting to heaven.


1. Me and and

I'm Amber Morris I live in Doncaster my mom and dad died in a cradh crash a drunk driver hit and killd the instantly there death was 2 years ago. Since then I've been living with my older brother Alex since the accident. Alex is19, two years older than me he drinks andi have to take all his bull shit and abuse. He calls me fat, ugly and that no one could ever love me. I don't blame him look at me everything he says is true. I used to have a best friend Emily but she killed herself and succeeded leaving me in this hell hole. I can still remember her last words were ' i'll see you there babes love you ' yes, we were suppose to die together escape the world and all its worries but, i was saved why me i thought 3rd time was the charm. Losing Emily was so tough, life is just getting worst and thwres no place to go accept to my real home with Emily in Heaven.
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