On the Waiting List For Heaven

I'm physically and mentally abused my family hates me. I have no friends so why even live right ? I've tried killing myself but something always gets in the way i've had enough and want out but instead of something stopping me it happens to be someone ... And this is why i'm on the waiting to heaven.


2. Did he just ...

I woke up to screaming like always ' Amber get you fat ugly ass up before you're late to school ' ugh slowly i got up walked over to my closet and picked out a sweater with black and whiter stripes and a pair of skinny jeans with holes on the mid theigh. grabbing my bag heading out the door I noticed Alex laying on the couch with company just another one of his whores I thought making my way to the bus stop. i'm the only one that goes to this stop but there was a group of guys standing there talkingi didn't bother them i just kept my distance until the bus came.getting on the bus i saw one of the boys in the seat I sit in he had hair tjat was flipped to the side standing there I asked him if he could ove. he looked at me ' do you know who I am? ' ' No, but please move ' ' are you serious you never heard of one direction ' i sighed ' No, I usually sit here ... alone so could you please...... Pleas I said ' eah-hh I mean sure' *Louis' P.O.V* I heard a small voice ask if i could move when i looked up a girl with black hair and hazle eyes starring at me. Does she not know how i am? All the other girl practially screamed when we got on. I finalkly anwswerd back ' are you serious you never heard of one direction? She lookd so sweet her plarplection making her eyes pop. her voice snapped me out of my thoughts ' no i usually sit here alone so could you please ........ Please' she sounded like she was pleading I had to move she seemed so broken and hurt and i want to be the one who fixes her .. i didn't just say that?' * End of Louis' P.O.V* We got to school I headed straight to my locker i kept my head down so i wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. ' hi' i heard behind me ' um hi' still keeping my head down ' I was in your seat on the bus i just wanted to sat my name is Louis whats your name Love ?' ' Erm Amber' looking up into his eyes we starred into eachothers eyes then he started leaning in.... -------------------------------- Louis is leaning n whats going to happen. I might be needing people for the story so if you're interested comment or i can just make up people hope you're enjoying
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