Dream came true

It's about a girl who's name is Perrie Edwards. She loves to sing and dance. She lives with her brother and mother. Her moms name is Joan and her brothers name is Adam. Her best friends are Jade, Jessy, Leigh Anne and Sara.


2. X Factor.

-------------------------------------------Next Friday-----------------------------------------

Today is the day I'm going for the auditions. I'm super nevous but I will make it trough. I got up and went for the shower. 30 min later I got out and walked over to my drawer to pick out my clothes. Once I was done, I went downstair to eat with my mom and brother.

''So you nervous then?'' My brother Adam asked.

''A lot actually''

''You'll make it through honey.'' Mom said.

''I hope so....''


When I arrived there were alot of people. I was now shaking like mad. I doubt my audition. I was too nervous.

''Perrie Edwards?'' A man said.

''That is me?''

''You're up in 5 min'' He said ''Come with me.''

I sat there waiting. It was the longest 5 min of my entire life. 5 min past by and I was up. The nerves were so bad right now.

''Hello love'' Simon said.

''Hi'' I said

''What is your name?''

''My name is perrie Edwards''

''Alright Perrie. What are you going to sing?''

''I'm going to sing Turn my swag on by Keri Hilson.

''Alright of you go''

Then I was it. Justin perfect Bieber in the audiance. I kept staring at him and he kept staring at me. The music started and I started singing.

Dame diva’s give it to me
Hopped up out the bed
Turn my swag on
Take a look in mirror
Said wassup wassup wassup (yeah)
I get money (oh)
Hopped up out the bed
Turn my swag on
Take a look in mirror
Said wassup wassup wassup (yeah)
I get money (oh)

They told me round my hood
Boy they said everytime they see me
I look good (yeah)
I get money (oh)
If you be hating just be mad at yourself
I bet you think this song is about you,
don’t you (yeah)

But this ain’t about you
Said this is for my people who be handling business
Got in ups to them haters cause we to busy winning

You can tell me nothing (x2)
If you aint getting monet
Then you aint got nothing for me
Cause I be making paper like you wouldn’t believe
And I always getting haters like you wouldn’t believe
So wassup (yeah)
Boy stop (oh)

I hopped up out the bed
Turn my swag on
Take a look in mirror
Said wassup wassup wassup (yeah)
I get money (oh)

Once I was done everyone cheered and clapped. Justin had a smile on his face and he stood up and clapped along with everyone. This was the best day of my life. All the judges said yes to me. I'm so happy.

I went backtage and hugged my mom and brother. Then I stopped breathing. Justin Bieber came up to me. Alright keep it cool Pezz..

''You were great up there. You got an amazing voice'' Justin said.

''Thank you very much''

''No need to thank me..''

I blushed cause he gave me his flirty smile.

''Are you free tonight? Like are you doing something, cuz I wanted to take you somewhere...''

OMG THE JUSTIN BIEBER just asked me out.

''Ehm yeah I'm free tonight.''

''Alright here's my number text me you address''

''Alright I will do.''

He gave me a hug and walked away. My mom gave me a look and I smiled at her. She started lauging. I laughed along with her. I sat in the car with my mom and brother ready to go home.


Perrie: Hey Justin. My address is 772 Corsicana Dr Oxnard, CA.

Justin: Thank you beautiful. I see you at 8.

Perrie: Alright bye Justin.

Justin: Bye Perrie.

I got home and went straight to the shower, picked a nice dress with nice heels, curled my hair, did my make-up and waited for Justin to come and pick me up.











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