Dream came true

It's about a girl who's name is Perrie Edwards. She loves to sing and dance. She lives with her brother and mother. Her moms name is Joan and her brothers name is Adam. Her best friends are Jade, Jessy, Leigh Anne and Sara.


4. What?


I like her so much. I think I'm falling for her. When I first saw her at the X Factor I just needed to talk to her. So that's what I did and now she is my girl. I truly am lucky though for having her. I think I'm going to text her.


To: my baby.

''Hey baby, I already miss you :(.''

From: my baby.

''Ahw Jay, I miss you too :(.''

Jay? I can get used to that.

To: my baby.

''I just want you to know that I love you so so so much, that you're my baby and princess and you're all worth it.''

From: my baby

''Ahhh, I love you so so so so much more''

To: my baby

''I doubt it''

From: my baby

''Haha ahh. Well I'm going to sleep bye Jay, love you.''

To: my baby

''Alright, sweetdreams baby, I love you more.

She is so sweet, nice, kind, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect everything. I hope she knows that. because she really is. I love her more than all the girlfriend I ever had actually. My phone started buzzin'.



''Hey Justy.''

Ehm wtf. Okay?


''Who is this?"


''It's Selena, silly.''



So what do you guys think so far?




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