The Secrets Of Wych Elm Wood

Nadine and her family have moved to Wych Elm Wood, an extremely small village. However, something isn't right. A mysterious secret hangs over the village and everything in it. But Werewolves, witches and vampires are only works of fiction, aren't they?


8. Sedation

It had almost been 3 weeks since her little incident with the wolves and everyone was looking at her differently now; as if she were the sole survivor of some great massacre. Perhaps the people of Wych Elm Wood had had problems with the pack before.

At the end of the day, Diyah grabbed Nadine’s arm and pulled her towards her house, which was only across the road from the school.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She yelled as she was dragged through the front door.

“It’s time for a make-over.”

After being pulled up the stairs and plonked in front of a full length mirror, Diyah and her brother Pete began to mess around with her hair.

“What the hell guys?” Nadine squirmed as her arms had been held down in Pete’s iron grip. How could one skinny guy be so god damn strong?

“Oh for crying out loud, Pete,” Diyah sighed, “sedate her already.”


Pete’s cold hands held the back of her neck, making her scared to move. Her eyelids felt heavy and her head began to droop. Soon, she could barely even remember where she was, or what was happening, and she dropped to the ground, her breathing steady and her eyelids closed…

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