Life As We Know It 6

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  • Published: 31 Aug 2013
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Life As We Know It 6; I know I said series 5 was the last one, but i couldn't resist not knowing what happens to Kim and Harry lol. So this sixth series is the final of the final. It's been a little over a year since Kim and Harry have been married, Kim is expecting and at the same time she got a job as a lawyer in Los Angeles. After she gives birth to her and Harry's child Lux, she leaves them in London and goes to LA to work where she meets John. With Harry and Lux going back and forth to visit Kim, they're marriage starts to fall apart because of Kim's busy schedule. BUT thanks to John for the rescue, he helps talk Kim and Harry back into their relationship involving Lux. Read on and see if Kim and Harry will divorce or will they take John's words and stay together.


3. 1.3

Samuel: Hey princess. 

Kim: *smiles sad* Hey dad. 

Samuel: What's wrong? 

Kim: You know, times like this is when I need mom. *cries* 

Samuel: *hugs kim* What happened? 

Kim: *crying* Dad, I don't know why people doubt down me and Harry's relationship. Why can't they see that I love him? 

Samuel: Those people aren't your real friends then honey.  

Kim: I really do love and care for Harry and Lux. I hate that they think I don't love or care for them, that's why I'm here and they're there. Dad, I am doing this for them.  

Samuel: I know you are sweetie, but just think of it this way. What do you really want? What are you gonna do for the rest of your life? What do you want for the rest of your life? 

Kim: I have it, but I really wish mom was here... then I'll be complete. *cries again* 

Samuel: I bet your mom is so proud of you right now. *cries* She is looking at you from above and smiling down. 

Kim: Aw dad. *wipes samuels tears* Don't cry because it makes me sad seeing you cry. 

Samuel: *wipes his tears* I'm sorry honey, but just forget it all ok. 

Kim: I'm gonna go up in my room. 

Samuel: Ok. 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Harry: Hey. 

Kim: Hey. 

Harry: What are you doing? 

Kim: I'm just in my room, missing you and Lux. How is she? 

Harry: She's amazing, she gets more and more beautiful each day.  

Kim: *smiles* What's she doing? 

Harry: Right now she's sleeping and probably dreaming of her mom telling her to come home or maybe begging her mom to let her and her dad come see her in LA. 

Kim: *laughs* Really? 

Harry: *chuckles* It would be great to see you come home or see you there. 

Kim: I know... It would be. 

Harry: So can we? 

Kim: Harry, Lux is too young to come. 

Harry: Zayn called me. 

Kim: Yeah? What'd he say? 

Harry: He said you were sorry? 

Kim: Yeah, for hurting you and leaving you behind with Lux. 

Harry: Oh. 

Kim: Yeah, I apologize babe. 

Harry: It's ok, Mike also called me. 

Kim: What did that annoying shit say? 

Harry: He told me what Louis told me. 

Kim: And what was that? 

Harry: That you probably don't want to marry me and you don't want anything to do with me and Lux. You just want someone there for you, but you really don't care for them. You hate to be alone, so you want a partner to make you look good. 

Kim: Louis said that? 

Harry: The first part, but the last part was Mike. 

Kim: Mike, as in Maryse's Mike? 

Harry: Yeah, he said you don't like to be alone. That you're always with someone new after a break up and you're never alone for like a week. 

Kim: Harry, we didn't break up or divorce. 

Harry: I know, but that's what Mike told me. 

Kim: *gets annoyed/upset* He said that. 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: Ok, well next time he calls you, tell him to grow some balls and stop making shit up. 

Harry: Um ok. 

Kim: Look, it's been a long day for me. I'll call you tomorrow. *hangs up* 

Harry: *hangs up* Yeah, I love you too.  

Scott: Morning. 

Kim: *smiles* Morning Scott. 

Scott: Would you like to go grab some coffee together? 

Kim: I can't, I have... 

Scott: C'mon, it'll be fine. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok then. *grabs her bag* 

John: *looks at kim leave with scott* 

Scott: So what does your husband do? 

Kim: My husband? 

Scott: Wait, you are married right? 

Kim: Yes, and I have a daughter. 

Scott: Right, so what does he do for a living? 

Kim: Well, he's in London right now with our daughter. He's in a pop boy band call One Direction. 

Scott: No way? My nine year old daughter loves them. Who's your husband? 

Kim: Harry. 

Scott: How'd you come across him? 

Kim: It's actually a long story, but it wasn't easy being with him. It was actually hard, but we pulled through and we're happily married. 

Scott: *takes a sip from his coffee* Yeah?  

Kim: Yeah, you, you have a daughter, are you married? 

Scott: I am, but we're going through a divorce right now. 

Kim: Oh, so you're basically divorce, not married anymore. 

Scott: Yes. 

Kim: Interesting.  

Scott: You have a really beautiful smile and personality. 

Kim: *chuckles* I beg your pardon? 

Scott: I'm sorry, but you do. 

Kim: Well thank you Scott. 

Scott: Would you like to go grab lunch later, maybe dinner later on too? 

Kim: *laughs* I am married. 

Scott: Your husband isn't here. 

Kim: Yeah, but...  

Scott: No one will tell. 

Kim: I don't date my boss. 

Scott: I won't just be your boss for long. 

Kim: What do you mean? *relaxes and crosses her arms* 

Scott: I'm gonna make sure we get together. *smiles* 

Kim: Scott, no.  

Scott: That's the reason why I hired you. 

Kim: How'd you even find me? 

Scott: It's not hard. 

Kim: Right, well thank you for coffee, but I'm gonna get...  

Scott: I'm sorry, yeah, go ahead. Sorry to keep you behind. 

Kim: *smiles and leaves* 

John: Seeing the boss I see. 

Kim: *gets startled* John. 

John: That's not what a wife does Kim nor a newly mother. 

Kim: I wasn't seeing Scott? He wanted to grab coffee together, so I... 

John: I saw, you two were flirting and looking into eachother's eyes. 

Kim: John, I sometimes feel that you are still in love with me. 

John: In love with you? *chuckles* Kim, that's all you think of. You haven't changed at all you know that. 

Kim: What? 

John: You think everyone's in love with you when really they're not. Most just wants you for your body and very few of them love you for you and wants to be with you because they love you. 

Kim: Did you love me? 

John: Not at first, but I grew to love you when you became my wife. 

Kim: Do you think Harry loves me? 

John: Harry is more than in love with you Kim. He's a great guy, a great dad, has a great personality, and is the nicest guy I ever talked and met with. 

Kim: Yeah, at times he is. 

John: You really don't want to be with him huh?  

Scott: *walks by* Don't be late for work Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Scott: *walks off* 

John: You got a crush on the boss don't you? 

Kim: What? No!  

John: It's better to tell me now while we're alone then later when everyone finds out. 

Kim: Ok, no, I don't have a crush on the boss because I love Harry. *walks off* 

John: *exhales* Whatever you say. *walks off to his office* 

Kim: *meets with her client* 

Scott: *walks by* Lunch in ten minutes. 

Kim: *looks at scott* 

Scott: *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: Sorry about that, but yes go on. *cont. talking with her client* 

Niall: *walks into the livingroom* 

Harry: Niall. 

Niall: Yes? 

Harry: I need you to come with me to LA. 

Niall: LA? Why. 

Harry: Kim's there and I want to see her. 

Niall: But I'll be a third... 

Harry: You can watch Lux. 

Niall: I? 

Harry: I need someone to watch Lux. 

Niall: I'll do it for Lux, but do I have to go? 

Harry: Well... 

Liam: I'll go. 

Harry: Would you? 

Niall: No, I wanna go. 

Liam: You didn't even want to go before. 

Niall: Well now I do. 

Harry: You both can go. 

Liam: When are you leaving? 

Harry: Tomorrow. 

Liam: I'll go pack. 

Niall: Alright, I'll buy our plane tickets Liam. 

Liam: Ok. 

Kim: *eating out with scott* 

Scott: *talking to kim* 

John: Hi, mind if I join? 

Scott: John, go ahead, we were just talking. 

John: About? *sits down and looks at kim* 

Kim: Um, Scott and I were talking about... 

Scott: I was talking about how great Kim is. Aren't you glad she's now a team member? 

John: Yeah, she's great. You did know that Kim and I were once married. 

Scott: *looks at kim* Really? 

John: Yeah. *takes a bite out of his food* 

Scott: Interesting? What happened? 

Kim: Oh, it was back in high school. We were seniors. 

Scott: Why'd you two divorced? 

John: I got her pregnant. 

Scott: So, you married her because she was pregnant? 

John: It's a father's responsibility. 

Scott: Correct, but I also got my wife pregnant senior year, but didn't marry her until our daughter was five. 

John: Can we change the subject now? 

Harry: *calls kim* 

Kim: *phone rings* Sorry, excuse me. *walks off* Hello? 

Harry: Hey babe, I'm in town with Lux, Liam, and Niall. Are you still at work? 

Kim: Harry?! 

John: *looks at kim talking on the phone* You like her don't you? 

Scott: Pard me? 

John: Kim, you have a crush on her. 

Scott: Is that a proper question to ask your boss? 

John: We're not working right now. 

Scott: She's cute. 

John: But she's married. 

Scott: Yeah, so. 

Kim: I'm sorry; I need to leave. My husband, he's in town. 

Scott: Oh, ok. See you in a bit then. 

Kim: *smiles* Bye. Bye John. 

John: Bye. 

Kim: *leaves* 

John: Best of luck to you. *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: Babe! *runs and hugs harry* 

Harry: *wraps his arms around kim* I missed you. 

Kim: I missed you more. *smiles big/chuckles* Where's the others? 

Harry: They're at a hotel. 

Kim: Why didn't you bring Lux? I want to see her. 

Harry: We can go there together after you get off work. 

John: Hey. 

Harry: John. 

John: How are you? 

Harry: I'm great, me and a few lads just got into town. 

John: I heard, can't wait to see them. Perhaps a dinner will happen tonight?  

Harry: Um, yeah. *chuckles softly* 

John: Great, I'll set one up. 

Scott: *walks by* Hi, you must be Harry Styles correct? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Scott: The husband of Kim and member of One Direction. 

Harry: Correct. 

Scott: I'm Scott Woodley, Kim's boss. 

Harry: Oh, pleasant to meet you sir. 

Scott: You two. Kim, you are excused from work today. 

Kim: Thank you. 

John: I'll give you guys a call.  

Scott: Scheduling something? 

John: It only requires friends, not boss. *walks off* 

Kim: Alright, I'll come by tomorrow. 

Scott: See you then. *smiles and leaves* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Kim: *grabs harrys hand and walks off to her car* 

Niall: Kim. 

Kim: Niall. *hugs niall and sees liam holding lux* Hey Liam. 

Liam: Hi Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: Can I? 

Liam: Yeah, she's your baby. *chuckles* 

Kim: Hey Lux. *smiles softly* 

Lux: *cries* 

Kim: What's wrong baby? It's mommy, don't you miss mommy? 

Harry: It's been a little over a month and um... 

Kim: Yeah, I know. *hands lux over to harry* 

Lux: *stops crying* 

Kim: That's weird. *fakes a chuckle* 

Harry: Sad yeah. 

Kim: Yes, that. *looks away* 

Liam: Niall and I was gonna go get something to eat, did you two want to go? 

Harry: Actually, John schedule an appointment with us. 

Liam: Schedule? 

Harry: Dinner. 

Niall: Awesome! I haven't seen him since who knows when. 

Kim: Ok, well I'm gonna go to my dad's, I'll meet you guys whenever John calls. 

Harry: You're not gonna stay here with Lux and us? 

Kim: No, sorry. 

Harry: Ok. 

Liam: See you later then? 

Kim: Ok, bye. 

Niall: Bye. 

Harry: Bye. 

Kim: *smiles and leaves* 

Liam: Wow. 

Harry: *about to cry* She doesn't even seem happy seeing me or Lux. 

Niall: *walks over and hugs harry with a sad face* 

Kim: *driving* 

John: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hey John. 

John: What's wrong? 

Kim: Nothing, I'm just on my way to my dads. 

John: Is Harry there? 

Kim: No, I left. He's at the hotel with Lux, Niall, and Liam. 

John: Why aren't you there? 

Kim: I don't know, I don't feel like being there with them. 

John: That's your husband and your daughter Kim.  

Kim: I know, but, yeah. 

John: They're the ones that are gonna be with you forever. 

Kim: Yeah, what do you want? 

John: Our appointment is at seven. I called everyone too. 

Kim: Awesome, I can't wait to see everyone united again. 

John: Ok, I'll call Harry and them then. 

Kim: Bye. 

John: *hangs up* 

(Later That Night At Dinner) 

Mike: Harry. 

Harry: Hey. *smiles and hugs mike* 

Mike: Where's Kim? 

Harry: I don't know, she said she was on her way. 

Mike: On her way? What you two came separately or what? 

Harry: We did actually. 

Randy: Hey, what's happenin' guys? 

Liam: Hey Randy. 

Randy: Liam! What's up. 

Waitress: Can I take your guys order? 

Everyone: *orders their food* 

Kim: *arrives* Sorry I'm late. Traffic and parking was crazy. *sits next to eve* 

Eve: Kim, you finally made it. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. 

Eve: We got our food already, want me to call them to... 

Kim: No, I'm not hungry, I'm just gonna chill with you guys. *smiles* 

Mike: Why don't you sit next to Harry Kim? 

Harry: *looks up* What? 

Kim: *looks at harry* I'm fine here. 

Mike: You two aren't fighting right? 

Kim: *chuckles* Fighting? If we were, I wouldn't even be here Mike. 

Kelly: You two use to be so talkative and now you two are so distance and so disconnected. 

Harry: You guys are more important right now because we see eachother so much. *fakes a chuckle* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yeah. 

Randy: So, how is this schedule thing going with you two? Lux, is that her name? 

Harry: Yes Lux. 

Randy: Is she liking this or? 

Niall: Um, earlier Kim held her and Lux started crying like crazy. 

Liam: Yeah, like as if she didn't like her own mom. 

Harry: She's just not use to her mother yet, but she will. 

Kim: It's because I been gone for so long that she lost the scent with me. 

Maria: Hi, aren't you Kim? 

Kim: What? 

Maria: Kim right? Is that you? 

Kim: Yeah, that's me. 

Maria: Hi, I'm Maria. Scott's daughter, 

Kim: Oh, hi Maria. 

Jeanette: Honey, who are you talking. *sees john* Oh hello John. 

John: Mrs. Woodley. This is Kim and I's friends. 

Jeanette: Kim? Oh, you're my ex-husbands newest employer right? 

Kim: Yes, yes I am. 

Jeanette: My husband talks a lot about you that you're great at your work. 

Kim: That's really strange, we hardly talk. 

Maria: Is it true that you're married to Harry Styles. 

Kim: Yeah, matter of fact, he's sitting right over there. 

Maria: *looks and smiles in happiness* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Maria: Mom, it's Harry, Liam, and Niall from One Direction. 

Jeanette: *looks* It is, how weird. 

Liam: *chuckles* Hi Maria. 

Maria: Hi Liam. *runs and hugs liam* 

Liam: Oh. 

Maria: *gives niall a hug and then harry* 

Jeanette: It was nice meeting you guys John, but Maria and I were just leaving. 

John: Ok, see you around. *smiles* 

Jeanette: Bye. *smiles and walks off with maria* 

Maryse: A little obsessed with his employer? 

Kim: *chuckles* Never knew that. *smiles* 

John: Kim can I talk to you outside for minute? 

Kim: Yeah. *gets up and follows john*

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