Girl's who like carrots *A Louis Tomlinson love story*

What happens when two crazy directioners sneak onto the 1D tour bus? Will the boys let them stay or make them leave? read to find out more


2. Mia :)

Heyy Gurl Heyy... I'm Mia. I am a 18 year old diehard directioner. I know directioners arent suppose to have favorites but i LOVE harry styles. I have straight brow hair and brown eyes. Like Zoey my parents are divorced. i have 1 sister, 1 youngr brother, and 3 older very protective brothers. Lizzy(22), Nick(15), Austin(19), Justin(21), and Kevin(33). I live with my best friend zoey and we havve 1 dog named Sami. I am very talkative and super artistic. My style is the exact same as Zoeys and we both love watching Our2Life videos. I gotta go or she will start the Connor Franta vlog without me

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