Live. Laugh. Louis

Meagan Grey moves to London England from Quebec.
She begins her first day at 'Benjamin High' Meets 2 special boys named Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and it changes her life forever.

Maybe other people will join in on the fun.... ;)


1. First Day

-Meagan's POV- 

I walked down the packed halls, looking at my time table and at the room numbers. I finally found the room happily I rushed towards the door running into two boys causing one of their binders to fall papers going every where. 
"What the fuck?!" He yelled in a high pitched but authoritative voice. 
"I am SO sorry!" I said bending down to help 
"I don't need your fucking help. I got it." He said I stood up looking at his friend he his eyes flicked up my body from my feet to my hat. 
"I'm so sorry I'm just in a huge hurry to get to my class I'm new and I don't wanna be late." I said 
"Oh new girl?!" The curly one yelled 
"Don't bring attention please." I said 
"New girl! We got a new girl here!" Curly yells pointing at me from his tall position up  I look around my eyes land on his friend who is blocking the light out of his eyes with his hand looking around 
"What are you doing?" I asked him 
"Looking for a fuck to give." He said I felt angered at his un believable rudeness. He goes back to his stance 
"Everyone can almost tell your new anyways." The curly one says 
"How?" I asked 
"The way your dressed." He said 
"What's wrong with skinny jeans and sneakers?" I asked 
"If you haven't noticed... Every girl here actually shows an inch of her skin." The sassy one says I glare at him 
"Well I'm done talking to you guys, excuse me." I said I parted them with my arms and walked towards the door they both cut in front of me walking 
"What's your problem?" I asked
"What's yours?" Sassy snaps 
"I'm trying to get to my lesson, it's in that room." I said 
"Well did you ever think we might have the same lesson as you? God damn." Sassy says I couldn't believe how much of an ass hole he was being and he knew I was new. He KNEW. 
They walked in and walked towards a group Sassy put his hands around a girl and they locked lips I could see the nauseating amount of tongue being used. 

I walked up to the Teacher's desk 
"Excuse me Mrs....?" I trailed off she turned around she didn't look like she was mean. 
"Oh a new face, I'm Mrs. Phillips and you are?" She asked 
"My name is Meagan Grey" I said 
"Oh welcome to Benjamin High." She said 
"Just let me look for an empty seat for you ok?" She said she sat up she scanned the room. 
The bell rang causing everyone to take their seats making it easier. 
"Alright. Class!" She said 
"Ok there's a seat, hold on." She said to me 
"Excuse me class, could Mr. Tomlinson please raise your hand so our new friend can see where you are!" Mrs. Phillips says I scan the room and my heart drops when I notice who it is. Mr. Sassy himself. I sigh but slap on a fake smile and walk towards the desk he waves his hand back and fourth like he was trying to flag down a helicopter. 
I took my seat hanging my bag on the chair 
"You can stop waving your hands I'm sitting." I said I took out my journal but I used the thick book for doodles, covering pages in pointless drawings. I took out my pencil and started to draw. 
"Why are you drawing?" I look over and see Sassy looking at me 
"Because it's something I like to do, do you wanna swear at me more?" I asked looking back at my book
"Why waist the only hour we have to socialize on pointless doodles?" He asked 
"I just answered that question" I said 
"Here's one you haven't... What's your name?" He asked 
"Meagan" I said 
"I know your first name whats your second name?" He asked 
"Grey." I said grumpily he had brought down my mood. 
"Aww is someone feeling a little grey today..?" He teased 
"I'm not feeling grey I'm just trying to tolerate this hour with assholes like you." I said he examined me 
"I'm sorry if I came off a bit rough..." He said it was silent 
"My names Louis by the way." He said 
"That's very good for you." I said sarcastically siting back in my chair doodling. 
He took the book from my hands
"Hey!" I said 
"Answer my questions and you'll get it back" I looked for help from Curly but only got the back of his head. 
"Just please give it back." I begged 
"Please answer my questions.. It's a win-win." He said I grumbled 
"Fine." I said I crossed my arms across my chest 
"Where are you from you have a funny accent." He said 
"Quebec." I said 
"Where's that?" He asked 
"What's your middle name?" He asked 
"Louise" I said 
"How old are you?" He asked 
"Favorite animal?" 
"Bunny, yours?" I asked 
"Liger?" I asked 
"Yeah a lion and a tiger mixed" he said 
"That doesn't exist." I said 
"Well clearly it does if it's my favorite animal" he said I rolled my eyes 
"Hey and I'm asking the questions." He said I sighed 
"Fine go." I said 
"Your zodiac?" He asked
"Virgo" I said 
"No way! I'm a Capricorn were meant to be!" He yelled 
"Yeah totally." I said sarcastically 
"Well were compatible." He said 
"Lucky me." I said 
"Well I don't particularly think my girlfriend would like that." He said 
"You mean that girl this morning that you were shoving your tongue down her throat this morning before class?" I asked 
"You noticed..." He said 
"Wish I didn't." I said 
"Ok anyways back to questions.." He said 
"I dont wanna answer anymore can I just have my book back?" I asked I reached for it he moved it away 
"Favorite color?" He asked 
"I don't know" I said 
"How do you not know?" He asked 
"I don't know!" I said 
"Just name a color"  
"I don't know purple." He chuckled 
"There the wasn't hard was it?" 

"Are you a virgin?" He asked I looked at him he raised his brows I was completely blown out of the water by his question. That is SO personal fir him to ask that when we basically first met and in such a busy place I could just smack him I almost did it I kept my cool. Just sighing and setting my elbows on my desk 
"You totally are." He said 
"Your totally annoying can I have my journal back?" I asked 
"I think I'll have to hold onto this" he said he slipped it into his bag. 
The bell rang 
"What lesson do you have next beautiful?" He asked I felt the red coming to my cheeks I looked away until I was certain it was gone it wasn't often a guy called me beautiful, wait why would I care anyways this guy was an asshole. 
"I have to check my time table" I said I read threw, Louis stood beside me his chest against my shoulder reading it 
"Your off to Room 407 Art Harry will meet you there."
"Harry?" I asked 
"The really curly guy from before looks kinda like a chipmunk" he said I found myself smiling 
"He doesn't look like a chipmunk" I said 
"You think so? Take a good look at him.. So back to your time stable after Art, Harry will be with you there... then lunch that's the first 3 hours after lunch I'll meet you at 308 Drama and Harry and I and some friends of ours will be at 102 Music, you have Math alone. I will meet up with you again for Chemistry/Science.You me and Harry have Gym at the end of the day as well." He says I nodded kinda thankful I knew at least one person in each class even if it was cranky bitchy Louis Tomlinson. Well except Math... 
Wait why was he being so nice to me? Was it was because I was a virgin? He liked the "challenge" of a Virgin? I looked him over 
"Thanks I better be heading off." I said he nodded I started to walk 
"Don't you wanna guide?" He asked 
"I'll find it. Thanks anyways." I said he nodded once more

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