The Bird Cage

Wednesday has a secret. When she tells Niall, he whole life becomes endangered. Who knows , and, who doesn't know about a girl sprouting wings?


14. Wednesday

I am now a swatch-vampire thing. I stand up and fly down the stairs, my eyes are red. Niall chases me. I grab a hold of louis' neck and smash his body into the wall, now theres a big hole in the wall. "Don't you ever demand my boyfriend to do anything ever again! Got it!" I yell in my angry vampire voice. "G-g-got it" He stutters. Niall smiles. I release Lou and make my wings disapear. I walk back up to my room and wonder where my casts and stitches went.


"Wednesday this will hurt a bit ok" We just got back from the hospital. Niall just bit me. "ok" I say. he gets his fangs out and plucks the stitches out, then he splits the casts in half with his hands and pulls them off. He puts his hand into the open wound in my shoulder and pulls out the metal pplate. I scream.

                   ---Present time---


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