The Bird Cage

Wednesday has a secret. When she tells Niall, he whole life becomes endangered. Who knows , and, who doesn't know about a girl sprouting wings?


2. Wednesday

Today we have school. I am in the fourth grade. When I'm not using my wings they shrink and disappear underneath my skin. Today, that didn't happen. I stay in my bed, hiding my wings and myself under a blanket. My mum came in an hour later and asked me why I wasn't up. I said I was feeling sick and she left it at that. I had the day off. In my time alone I shut the curtains and locked my door so no one could see me. My parents are at work but I don't know when they get back. I look at my wings, I've never really seen them fully; only a couple of glances when I turn corners while I'm flying They are angel wings but they are black. At two o'clock they finally disappear and an hour later my parents come home. I tell them I feel much better.

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