One direction vampires

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In running i just found out that my favorite band are vampires I'm just scared i can't run forever their faster OUCH!!! I tripped on a stick i got scratch in my leg (wrong day to wear shorts)

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18. I'm having the baby

6 months later 

megans pov 

im pregnant i can have the baby any time now(zayn and Megan made out but I forgot to put it in a chapter) uuuh the baby just kicked i went to the bathroom to do my make-up my stomach is big now i put black eyeshadow black eye liner (by the way Megan and zayn are dating now) i had a black leather jacket red shirt black shining pants and red hair with black highlights I'm surprised im not a vampire yet my child is gonna be half vampire half mortal i look kinda like a biker now i have black high high heels.i came out and went to zayn and hissed him on the cheek and went to the kitchen and ate corn flakes and put my dishes in the sink and say down on the couch with zayn and hold his hand and watched spongebob i got up and was about to go to my room Zayne to get my phone but then my water broke!!!!!



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