Two Stars

Kris Monroe and Niall Horan are both popstars they're also major fans of each other?


2. ~Coffee?~



Kris's P.O.V.

I got dressed into some brown jeans, wearing a striped shirt. I wrapped my brown scarf around my neck then grabbed my little brown clutch and put my things into it. I put on my shades and smiled.I checked my reflection in the mirror , I ran my fingers through my dark brown wavy hair perfect. I rushed down the stairs to be greeted by a bored Shadia sprawled cross the carpet. 

"Finally your done you took forever" She complained getting up. 

"Shut up I only took 30 minutes woman!" I replied slapping her left arm. She made and ow sound and then rubbed her arm and grabbed her bag so we could leave.


"Ready to leave?" Shadia questioned me. 

"Yup" I answered popping the p. We left the little coffee shop throwing away our drinks on the way out.  I stopped in my tracks when I saw him"Holy crap is that Niall Horan". 

Niall's P.O.V.

I was just walking around town with Louis by my side. We weren't wearing disguises since it was so early in the morning. As we crossed the street to a little coffee shop I spotted her. The girl I've always wanted to meet, the girl I've always fangirled or fanboyed? Over. I stopped walking making Louis stop with me. 

"Holy shit look who it is Niallers little crush" Louis announced loud enough for them to hear. Is started blushing so I look down at the ground. 

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