Silent Screams

To the unexpecting eye, Chloe Oakes was just your average girl. She attended school, had boy issues and loved her best friends. She was just like the rest of us... on the outside. Sometimes it the silent screams that are the worse. When she meets Harry, things start to take an unexpected turn... but will Harry help Chloe mend her broken heart, mind and soul or push her closer to the edge?


2. *Harry's POV*

The sun shines down around me, but not on me, as I slam the door shut. Believe it or not, school was an escape for me. An escape from hell. Turning my back on my hell hole, I step onto the pavement, feeling the slow breezes drying the fresh tears that had escaped my eyes. Harry Styles, the boy every girl wants, and every guy wishes he could be. No one knew, no one understood. It was just so hard. To plaster that smile on myself when everyone around me wasn't even trying to be happy... They just were. Why can't I just be like them, happy, carefree? The truth is, I'm not, and that's all I want, to be normal... To just be happy for once in this life.


Stepping into the school, I watch as girls turn to me; twirling their hair and... Of course, smiling. Not a fake smile, a genuine smile. Just over me. They didn't need to force it, these girls were legitimately happy. Boys chuck footballs across the grass... They too, are smiling. The lads come and greet me, pulling me into one of their friendly 'bro hugs' before releasing me with... You guessed it, a smile. Why? Because these people were the lucky ones, the were happy.


Ruffling my curls, I then sweep the to the side and spot a girl, roughing dragging her feet across the field. Her hands were burried deep in her pockets and she slumped when she walked, as if she was carrying the weight of the world on those petite shoulders. As if sensing my eyes watching her, she turns abruptly at me then turns back. I look down, but not before I get a look into her deep blue eyes.


They were blue, like the ocean. Though, I spotted something more. Behind those bright blue eyes was a hidden pain, a pain this girl kept inside herself. I could see it. People like us, we knew eachother all to well. I saw it in her walk, the way she carried herself. I saw it behind those ocean blue eyes. Although I'd only caught a brief glance, I saw a girl in desperate need of saviour. A girl silently screaming for help. She was broken. Even more than me... And I wanted to fix her... I needed to fix her, even more than I needed to fix myself.



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