One Thing! 'Friends' with One Direction?

It's about two girls who become friends with One Direction. Or is it just friends? I cant tell anymore so please read and find out! Thanks :)


5. The phonecall

Harry's POV

it's hopeless. They're never going to call us.
'Come on Harry, give it a chance. They might not even be home yet.' Niall reassured me. 'Good point niall , but I can't stop thinking about Chloe. And I'm sorry but it's not only in a 'is she ok?' Kind of way! ' ' oh Harry. You barely know her!' 'Ok,ok calm d- ' *ring ring.* it was the marimba ringtone. Harry jumped 'ugh have to change that!' Niall let out a gigantic laugh. 'Ok, act cool' Harry said. 

Phone call:
H:*coughs* hello.

'Hah real cool Harry!' Niall joked

M:Hey, Harry it's Megan.. Er from the hospital...
H: oh eh yeah Megan how are you?
M: yeah, good thanks.
H: so how's Chloe?
M: yeah she's better.. More herself
H: listen Megan, umm..myself and Niall were wondering if maybe you and Chloe would like to meet up for a while today?
M: er yeah sure why not! When and where?
H: the riverside cafe in half an hour?
M:yeah sounds good, bye
H: see you then!

Megan's POV

I tried to keep as calm and cool about it as I could so harry wouldn't think I was a complete fool. It's not Harry I want to impress though. It's Niall! 
I went downstairs and rang Chloe. She was at home now. I told her about meeting Harry and Niall for lunch. She was over the moon and within to minutes she was over at my house, ready to go. She kept it simple. She sore a pair of denim skinny jeans and a lilac top. I thought she looked really nice. I was being very risky but If I wanted to start something with Niall, he has to know the real me. I wore my Hollister sweatpants and a Jack Willis t -shirt. I thought I looked pretty good. Chloe didn't say anything about it because she is used to what I wear and she doesn't mind. We hopped on a bus and within 10 minutes we were at the riverside cafe. Harry and Niall were sitting outside, half in disguise. They were both wearing sunglasses and hats and had their faces pretty close into the menus. We giggled when we saw them. They both looked so cute. We walked Over to them and both of them got up and pulled out our chairs for us, but I was too dumb to expect this and I was too busy getting caught up with Niall's gorgeous blue eyes and I fell straight onto the floor. The people at the surrounding tables laughed and I stormed off down to the river. Chloe said she would go after me but Niall stopped her. 'Its ok love, ill go' he said. I was sitting on a bench looking into the river wondering if Niall would ever talk to me again. Why do I have to mess everything up? Anyway he probably never liked me so what's the point. All these different thoughts were going though my head when I felt someone's hand on mine. I looked up, half expecting  it to be Niall. But It was Liam. I had never met him before. How does he know who I am? This is creepy. 'Hey babe' he said confidently.'umm.. Hi' 'your Megan right? Niall's date? ' 'uh I guess, yeah' I replied, puzzled. 'You don't need him, love. You deserve better. Like me. 'Eh sorry Liam I have to get back to th- ' he leaned in for a kiss and grabbed my chin.  I thought for a moment but  then hesitated before quickly jumping off my seat and running back to the restaurant. I met Niall rushing down on the way. 'All right love? ' he asked. 'Yea, thanks Niall.' 'No worries, now why don't we got back and order?' I nodded. He put his arm on my shoulder and then rubbed my back. I felt so safe with him. We sat back down and ordered lunch. After lunch, Harry and Chloe left and went to the beach. They seemed to be getting on pretty well. 'So now what?' Niall asked me. I didn't answer. 'Fancy a walk?' 'Yeah sure' I replied. We walked down by the river. It really was gorgeous.'Megan?'Niall asked. 'Yeah?' 'Em .. Do you want to do this?' 'Do what?' I was confused. 'See me. Are you into me that way?' I Thought for a while. I wasn't sure how to answer it. There was an awkward silence. I was about to answer when Niall said 'coz I do. I just want to get it out in the open. I'm asking you on another date Megan, would you like to?'  I was shocked by everything he had just said. 'Of course' I smiled. 'Great.' Niall smiled. He walked me home and then told me he would call me tomorrow. What am I getting myself into?

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