The Contest

What happens when Aly wins a contest that sends her and her best friend, Kami, on tour with One Direction. Will Aly and Louis ignore the spark between them? Is Kami starting to fall for Liam? Well, read and find out!


1. The Contest

"The contest ends tonight and the winner is gonna be announced at eight. Have you entered?" my best friend, Kami asked, biting into her cheeseburger as she sat across from me at the café. "Yea. I entered weeks ago," I laughed, sipping at my smoothie. She chuckled and said, "Me too! I mean how cool would it be to win and get to go on tour with One Direction for ten months?!" "It would be amazing! Plus, the winner gets to bring a friend; so if either of us win, we both go! I'm so excited, I'm practically beside myself with excitement," I said. Kami chuckled as she shoved the last bite of her cheeseburger into her  mouth and said, "I know. What time is it?" I pulled my phone out of my pocket, unlocking it to check the time, and said, "Quarter to eight." "The winner is announced in fifteen minutes on Nickelodeon. We have to get going, we can't miss it!" Kami exclaimed, jumping out of her seat and hurrying out the café door with me close behind. We jammed out to the 'Up All Night" album all the way to my house, arriving like two minutes before the winner was scheduled to be announced. We rushed into my living room. Kami turned the TV on as I grabbed the remote and flipped the channel over to Nickelodeon just in time to see five extremely handsome guys run onstage. Kami and I plopped ourselves down on the couch, never peeling our eyes away from the TV, as the announcer said, "Ladies and gentleman, please welcome One Direction!" The crowd went wild as I watched Harry grab he microphone with a grin on his face as he said, "Hey everybody! Who's ready to hear who won??" All the girls in the audience screamed and shouted. After calming the crowd down, Harry said, "Okay. Well, then let's go!" The announcer handed Niall an envelope and Harry handed Niall the microphone. Niall slowly unfolded the paper in the envelope and then said, "Drumroll please!" everybody stomped their feet until he said, "And the winner is... Aly Woodhouse!!!" My jaw dropped as Kami jumped up off the couch, jumping up and down and screaming excitedly. "You won!" she squealed at the top of her lungs as I let it register in my mind, still shocked.

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