Same Lovers

Larry Fanfiction. After a chuch protesting with gay signs sayign for them to go to Hell outside one of their concerts, Managment decided Louis and Harry need to call their relationship off. They need to keep their rep. How will Harry deal with this after he becomes the fragile one. When Louis decides they need to just stop it. When he gets his heart broken because his boyfri- ex, decides they really do need to cut it off. Will him trying to get Louis to be in a private relationship be enough? Will they get caught? Will One Direction ever be the same?


3. Don't Let me go

1 Week Later.

Harry's POV.

I've been taking Liam's advice. Really. I haven't spoken to Louis in 2 week. I've been sitting alone, not going out when the boys did, only for the concerts, sound checks, and required meet and greets. But thats about it. We even had 5 days off but i stayed inside, alone anyways. I've been writing a song.. About Lou. This is how I'm going to "talk" to him. Considering I'm not good at talking about my feelings very well. Today we have another day off. All the boys have gone out but Louis decided to stay. I went to go talk to him. "Lou.. Could you come here real quick please." I called to him weakly from my bed. When he walked in I half expected him to have an annoyed look on his face, Half expected that sweet, loving smile I used to see. But his expression was just blank. "Yes?" He asked, not bothering to look up at me. "We-Well. I think we should talk.." "About?" " Us. " He looked up at me, Just staring at me. I couldn't read his face.

Louis' Pov.

Harry wanted to talk to me. I secretly wanted to have this conversation. But I'm scared, I missed my Hazza. It hurts not being able to lay in his arms. I sigh, "Harry, " But he stops me. " Just listen." I stand in the doorway across from him. Waiting patiently. He inhales deeply, then exhales a long breath.  ( I posted the song Don't Let Me Go by Harry Styles. Not sure if it works. If not, Please listen to it while reading this part. Thank you(:)

"Now you were standing there right in front of me. I hold on it's getting harder to breathe.

All of a sudden these lights are blinding me. I never noticed how bright they would be.

This took me by surprise, But listening to his words carefully.

I saw in the corner there is a photograph. No doubt in my mind its a picture of you.

It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass. This bed was never made for two.

Ill keep my eyes, wide open. Ill keep my arms, wide open.

Don't let me, Don't let me, Don't let me go. 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone.

Don't let me, Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone.

Images of them cuddling in bed filled Louis head.

I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star. I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand. Oh. Seems like these days I watch you from afar. Just trying to make you understand.

Ill keep my eyes wide open, yeah. I started crying hard, but silently so I could still hear his angelic voice. Don't let me, Don't let me, Don't let me go 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, Don't let me go, I could see the pained expression on his face, It tore me apart even more. Don't let me, Don't let me, Don't let me go,

'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, Don't let me, Don't let me go, 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone, Don't let me, Don't let me go The last lines he whispered, Not being able to continue because tears were streaming down his face, Making it hard for any sound to come out. 'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone.

I ran into his arms. Burying my face into his shoulder, Squeezing me tight, Taking in the scent of him that I missed deeply. We stayed like this for about 7 minutes before he pulled away looking up at me, waiting for a response. I just looked at him, wiping away his tears. "You, You wrote this song, for me?" I asked in a hushed tone. He just blushed, giving me all the response I needed. I cupped his face in my hands, Bringing him in for a kiss. This one wasn't just any kiss. It was beautiful, Magical, Deep. Our lips moved in sync. Those lips, I missed so much. Soon we pulled away, coming up for air. I looked into his green orbs deeply, "I think we can work something out. To be honest Harry, I miss us. I miss the way your eyes twinkle, The way you hold me in your ams, The way you whisper that everything will be okay, The way your hand rubs my back when I'm upset, Your cozy comfortableness, You. I love you so much. " He just smiled back at me, His eyes sparkling with Happiness." Never let me go." He whispered, our eyes still making deep eye contact. "Never" I whispered back before I fell asleep in his arms. My last thought I got my Har Bear back. Nothing can ruin this.




A/N, So, I hope you like it so far.!(: I wanted to kind of make this chapter a little emotional, showing what Harry & Louis have. Things are just getting started though! Much more complications come there way. Please Please Please, Like, Favorite, Add it, Comment what you think. Weather you like it or dis like it. Tell me why(: Thanks, Lovelies.!




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