If I Could Rewind

Bree was an innocent 17 year old girl, until she met the new boy.


2. Weirdness

 At lunch Nat had to go and eat with her boyfriend somewhere. Since I didn't feel hungry anyways I went to my music teacher. I asked her if I could practice in the music room until lunch was over. She said sure. I walked into the music room and went to my favorite thing in there. The piano. I sat down on the stool and started playing stay by Rihanna. Then I found myself singing to it. After I Finished the song I felt a hand tap on my shoulder and a voice say " Your really good.". I turned around and there was Niall.

" Oh my goodness. You scared the hell out of me." I said startled.

" Sorry. You were singing Rihanna,right?"

" Yeah."

" Do you mind if I play too?"

" No not at all."

 He grabbed a guitar and started to play a familiar song. It was A Team by Ed Sheeran. I started playing along but on the piano. Then he started to sing. His voice was so sweet and innocent. Then I started to sing with him. Shockingly we sounded pretty good. When the song ended it was an awkward silence. Then the intercom came on saying " The Talent Show has been canceled and moved to March 5th." That was only in two months. I blocked out the rest of the announcement and looked at Niall.

" We should really be in the Talent show together." he said all of a sudden.

" I don't know..."

" Oh come on we sounded really good." he said with a puppy dog look in his eyes.

" Ok fine."

" We will be called Fearsome."

" How will we be able to practice though?"

" I have a place at my house. You can come over anytime to practice."

" Ok and I think we can be able to use this place during lunch and after school hours."

After that I left and went to the principal. He said that we could use the music room as long as we remember that there is a security camera in there. I agreed that nothing would happen and I left for  Nat's car.

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