The Missing Piece

Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help.
A year has passed with countless questions that just got rejected and information that was just useless until one day when Noah and Kiley were about to give up, They both found his birth certificate and Noah finds out who his father is. He then goes on Facebook and searches for the last name until he finds somebody that he believes he may be related to. So he sends the message to them and receive a pleasant surprise.
Note: This is a One Direction Fan Fiction.


3. Chapter Two- Surprise

Hi I'm Noah. Do you by any chance related to Tom Hulme? If so then I'm his son. If you are not related and don't know him, then sorry I took up your time. :b

I swear Noah hasn't stopped looking at that message since I sent it. It's been a couple days now and I'm starting to think this isn't a good idea. I never really thought it would a great idea but how could I say no to Noah's puppy eyes? Besides I don't want to lose a friendship over this. I want him to be able to trust me and to know that I have his back though the rough times in his life. If I don't then what kind of friend would I be?

As I laid on Noah's bed while Noah was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, I began to wonder about what if it was one of his relatives that we sent the message to then everything would probably change. Then again if it wasn't then he would probably get bummed and still wouldn't be the same. I'm just afraid that I'll lose my friend I guess. I just want my friend all to myself even if it sounds selfish. It's just if everything change then everything else will change and I don't think I can take that after my dad had to go back to the Military. I sure do miss him.

"Get out of my bed. I don't want no cooties." Noah said while he walked in and saw me in his bed.

"If you want me out of your bed then you have to carry me to the couch." 

"I'm not carrying you. You're heavy!" 

"Well then I'm not getting up and you'll have to sleep on the couch." I smile knowing I've won. 

Noah just shook his head in defeat. "Fine you win this time but I'll get my revenge on you and when I do your'll be sorry." He warned me. 

"Okay have fun with that."


Big waves coming towards me, this is my change to ride that big wave to show people that I'm not a little kid anymore, that I can surf the wave and be an adult. 

I'm half a sleep and I'm feeling jumping and a male voice telling me to wake up.
'Kiley wakey wakey eggs and bacon.'

It was Noah and I'm certain of that. No one and I mean no one ever uses that besides Noah. So therefore that was Noah.

"Is this your idea of revenge? If so I've seen better." I stated with my half sleepy voice.

"No. I gotta really tell you something." 

"So what's up?" I questioned. 

"Get up, shower and change your clothes because girl you stink. Then come down stairs and we'll eat breakfast then discuss it then. You understand?" 

"Got it general."

As I showered, got changed into my sweats and a pink tank top, I headed downstairs were Noah was at. He greeted me by grabbing a chair for me to sit in. As I looked at the table I saw the breakfast that Noah made for me. Pancakes with chocolate chips, sunny side up eggs, bacon, sausage and toast with strawberry jam with a side of apple cider. Oh joy looks like he's asking me out or something. Psh, no. 

"What's going on?" I questioned while taking a seat were the chair was.

"Okay I know this sounds crazy but-"

"You're right it does sound crazy." I interrupted. 

"You don't know what I was going to say."

"It's called reading minds. You should try it sometime." 

He glared at me. " Okay fine. Continue."

"I revive a message back and I am related to them. They fucking know my dad!" He squealed with joy. 

I never seen him this happy in a long time. Yeah I know this might end up bad but he's happy and who can blame him? He is one step closer to finding his dad. 

I know if I could see my dad or go shopping with Kim Kardashing and she gave me a thousand bucks, I would be with my dad because I don't get to see him that often since he's in the Military. 

I smiled even though it hurt a little. "That's awesome!" More hurt coming towards me. "I'm glad your one step closer to finding your dad." 

"Wait Kiley there's more. I know I've said that I just wanted to find my dad but I'm thinking maybe I should get to know my dad and figure out why he didn't stay and I want you to be there with me." 

I spit out my apple cider that I was drinking. What? He wants me to be there with him? " Of course, of course." 

"Thank you. Now you pig stop eating all the food!" 

"Well it's on my side of the table." I pouted. 

"Too bad." As he picked up both of the sausage and one of the eggs. 

After we finished eating I texted my mom to see what time she wanted me home. It took her two hours to respond because she was sleeping. I wouldn't blame her though. The extra hours she was been put in could make someone really sleepy.

' We have a family outing at six so be home around 4. You two have fun! (:' 

Oh yeah. I totally forgot about the family outing. Maybe I can beg my mother to let Noah come with us. I really don't want to be stuck in the corner with my grandma and great aunts like last time. 

They were asking me why I didn't have a boyfriend already. Thanks grandma Mary, I really enjoyed our talks about me needing a boyfriend and then trying to hook me up with a guy who was twice my age. Then Aunt Gloria saying how a girl this pretty should be popular not an outcast. 

I don't understand why she called me an outcast. For one I have friends and two outcast means not fitting in, having no friends at all. I am not an outcast! I have many friends. Yeah I may not be 'popular' but I have friends and plus I fit in just fine. 

I stared at Noah while he was playing Kingdom Hearts. He sensed that I was staring at him so he paused his game. "It's because you like me isn't it?" 

"Oh yeah it's totally because I'm secretly in love with you." I said sarcastically. 

"What do you want?" He asked.

" I want you to come with me to my family outing. I don't want to be an outcast and be stuck with grandma Mary and Aunt Gloria, not what happened last time." 
He chucked. 

"Hey stop it! That's not funny!" I throw a pillow at him that was right next to me. 

"You have to admit though, your grandma w as trying to get you a boyfriend. YOUR OWN GRANDMA!" 

"Ha ha very funny. After what happened last time with Cody and I want to be ready for a relationship." 

"You sound like one of those desperate people who say they hate love but really do in the bottom of their hearts. Plus it's time to let Chase go. Sure he may have taken a piece of your heart with him but that piece has died once he left you. Now your heart has grown bigger and stronger in the area that he stole your heart." 

"Noah, I do believe in love and you darn well know that!" 

"Well after Cody broke your heart, you just won't go out there again. You need to get out there missy." 

"First my grandmother and now you? What has this world turn into?" I sighed. 

"You love me and you know it." He half smiled. 

"Yeah in your dreams maybe." 

Noah glared at me. 

"Its that time of the month again."

"Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. Noah will never know."

"It is now don't lie." 

"No it isn't. I just felt like messing with your head. I love you." 

"Ha! See I was right you love me but don't worry because I love you too." 


***One Year Later***

I still don't know how this all happened but somehow I just lied to my parents and to Noah's mom all so Noah could meet his dad. Maybe I have a soft spot and yeah they know I'm in England with Noah for the summer. They really can't do anything because me and Noah are now eighteen and graduated from high school. What has this world came to? 

Our plane just landed and I still feel like I shouldn't be helping Noah find his father but than again that would make me look like a selfish friend. I want Noah to be happy and if it makes him happy that he'll be meeting his father for the first time, than I'm there.

"I'm so versus I'm shaking head to toe" Noah showed me his hand twitching.

I feel bad for the guy. I think to cheer him up he needs a good laugh.

"Well at least we know you can dance now."

Noah eyes glared at me.

"Not a good time for a joke but thanks anyways." 

I sigh. I got myself into a sticky situation I can feel it. 

 What do you do when you get yourself stuck in a situation that you have control over? Well my friend you have some opinions to look at: 

1.) Stay quiet and don't chose sides
2.) Say something to the other person that could make things even worse.
3.) Or you back away and have them deal with the problem. 

I've been thinking real long and hard about this and I just can't make up my mind. I want to do all three of those but all of them could lead to trouble and that's something you just don't want. Geese why couldn't Noah father be a different man? 
Wait cross that off Noah has great hair and eyes and he certainly does not get them from his mother! I guess his father is a great looking dude. 

Walking out of the plane with my bags and Noah by my side all we need to do is get our suitcases and find our ride that Noah promised we had. Its not like I don't believe him or anything but when we were in the 8th grade we had to stay after school for detention. He promised we had a ride when he didn't even tell his mother about getting detention. I had to end up calling  my friend Melissa to give us a ride home. Ever since I've never trusted him with planning rides again. I know what you're probably thinking, Kiley aren't you over reacting a little bit? Well you probably would be too if you were stuck at your school for two n a half hours in the middle of winter. 

I grabbed my two big pink suitcases and my  small purple with zebra stripes suitecase while Noah grabbed his. Then after that we headed out the airport doors to a beautiful sunny day.

He better have us a ride. And that's when I saw a face that I've seen before I just couldn't put my finger on it though and that face was walking towards us. Holy fruit cakes.  



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