The Missing Piece

Kiley's bestfriend since Kindergarten recently found out about his real father. Just like any child who didn't have a father growing up, he wanted to know more about him with Kiley's help.
A year has passed with countless questions that just got rejected and information that was just useless until one day when Noah and Kiley were about to give up, They both found his birth certificate and Noah finds out who his father is. He then goes on Facebook and searches for the last name until he finds somebody that he believes he may be related to. So he sends the message to them and receive a pleasant surprise.
Note: This is a One Direction Fan Fiction.


8. Chapter Seven- A Wrong turn In The Right Direction

My light caramel hair was flowing with the wind. It swayed and tab gently against my back as I moved my legs back and forth. My heart pounded every time my feet hit the ground. Thump thump thump. My pace was getting slower with each second that pass. My breath was abnormal, as I was running for my life. I cursed under my breath as I hurried inside a small run down shop.

The shop was crowed with books, some over flowing and some piled up in stacks. The place was dusty and seemed like it wasn't dusted in years. In front of me was a small dark wooden counter, an old black cash register was the only thing that seemed to be not dusty. The lighting was damp and the dark hard wood floor had dust bunnies.

I looked around the room. My heart still pounding and my breathing now starting to control itself.

There was a lavender curtain as an elderly lady stood before it. Her sorrow brown eyes laid on top of mine. "What do you want? can't you read the sign we're closed." Her bitterness in her voiced echoed.

Was this shop really closed? I turned around and surely enough the sign in the window from my point of view said open. My cheeks flushed a dark shade of red. 
"Sorry" I mumbled. "I was just looking for a place to hide" The old lady didn't say anything.

I watched her eyes roll and her shaky pale hand to pull of few strains away from her curly wild grey hair. "So you go into a place that's closed? That's smart." 
My eyes popped. "I'm sorry. It was an accident. See-" but the lady just stopped me. "I don't care for your accuses. If you want to buy something you are welcome to stay."

I figure it was the only nice thing this older lady will ever say, so I kept my mouth close and nodded, making my way towards the front desk. "What kind of store is this anyways?" I asked. The lady frown. "It is not a store for buying." She said simply not blinking in the process. I looked down embarrassed for making such simple mistakes. But if it wasn't a store then what was it?

The lady sighed and told me to come follow her. We went through the lavender curtain in the back of the room and to my amazement, I saw a small table fit for two.

On the table was a maroon cloth with tiny flicks of gold. On the cloth was a deck of cards- but the cards didn't have any numbers on it. Instead it had pictures of a joker, a knight and a few other pictures that were covered up by a black wooden wand with silver rims by the handle.

"Now you see this isn't a store. For this time only I will read you for no cost." I stared blankly at the women. Was she a Physic?

My question was answered as I sat on a still across from her. She told me to take out my hand for her to read. I did so and she began to study them.

"Your love line is long and close." She stared into my eyes. I looked back into her brown ones. She continued speaking. "though its a complicated one." I stared in confusion. "What do you mean by this?" I asked.

"You're going to realize the love of your life- you may or may not already know them. Though the complicated part is the fact of the joker. The fake love and my dear its a messy, horrible one at that."

I couldn't speak though I had what seemed like a million questions flowing through my mind. What does this all mean? A fake love? That can't happen! When will I find my true love? How do you know these things?

She talked about many things that I, myself, didn't tell a soul. Not even Noah. She talked about a party one time and how it got a bit uncontrolled and led up by some things I'm not to proud of. She talked about my fathers death and how I should do some investigating. The older lady even talked about what happened an half n hour ago with Niall, Harry and a bunch of crazy wild hormonal teenage girls and how we got split up in the process.

My mind was still trying to process everything she was telling me. I didn't even realize she said another thing until she just kept staring at me. She held her glance as if she was a statue. Noticing I looked back mumbling I'm sorry.

"Everything happens for a reason. Although its on your terms if you're willing to accept it." I nodded letting everything the lady was saying, soak in. I noticed the wrinkles on her face showing and her battle wounds along with it. I noticed the slight bit of hope as her bitterness glared down at me. The lady was skinny and I felt like she was your grandmothers Fine China that you were not to use expect once a year.

With that the lady rushed me out of the door. "You best be going if you're going to make it to Kris's. You know, Harry and Niall are worried sick about you." She paused before continuing. "They'll call Noah if you don't hurry quick." She wink making me take two steps back. My mouth hanged open. I was still in shock. "Kiley, you can call me Rosa." She held up her pale hand. I could see the blue veins on her hand clearly as I held my hand up to shack hers. "Thank you." I whispered, knowing I just formed a special friendship with an suborn old lady named Rosa.

I walked down the hallway passing by doors with golden flashing letters and numbers on them. I was looking for 34C Kris's apartment. As I passed 27C I knew I was getting close, as I passed by the fake one leaf green plant. The familiar surroundings of the last month n a half engulfs my mind, causing me to memorized the way towards her flat. 28C... 29C...30C.

I continue walking looking at the long narrow hallway and its Irish green wallpaper. 32C...33C...34C. Ah yes!

I knocked on the grey metal door and stood there. I heard a few laughter's through the door and heard an unclicking sound. As the door opened I saw a tall brown head figure, towing over me. Chase. His face brighten up. "Kiley!" He shouted hugging me in the process. "Come in." He held open the door, gushing me to come in.

As I did, I saw Kris fighting with Tyler, Adam and NiallLiam and Zayn in a deep conversation, Harry staring amused at the fighting going on while cheering on Kris and I saw Noah sitting on the couch with his new toy.

Noah stared at me and I stared back. We said nothing. I rolled my eyes and smiled at Chase who had a confused expression but didn't mention it.

Kris glanced up smiling while doing so which made the others looked up as well. Niall paused and a few seconds later sighed in relief. "You're alive." Embarrassed, I blushed not knowing what else to do. As the others and I began talking, Kris noticed the tension between Noah and I. She pulled me to the side as the rest were heading towards the sports bar.

"What's going on?" She asked. I looked around noticing curls bounce up and down walking out the door. "Well" Pausing for a moment, moving my head in the process "Looks like we're all leaving to go to the bar." I then started to walk away but Kris didn't seem to buy it. "Kiley." She whispered in a hush voice. I didn't answer.

"Kiley" She said once again. I looked up and sighed giving up. "Fine. I don't like Noah's new toy." She laughed. "That's what's that about? You don't like her?" I nodded in disappointment. She laughed. "Me too."

I gave her a look with a slight smile. "Come on, lets go." With arm and arm, Kris and I walked out of the apartment with smile on our faces talking about how much guys are stupid when it comes to relationships.

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