The Monster from the Maelstrom

There is a man who endlessly stalks the Badlands. A region of the world where chaos is rife and warlords constantly vie for power. This man seeks dangerous criminals and tyrants the likes of which most men wouldn't dare to face. He does this for a reason no man has ever been able to ascertain and he will continue to do so as long as he lives. But there is one thing you must know about this man. The quarry he hunts are not what they seem and neither is he.


3. Domestic Disturbances

The man quickly located the exit to the blade scarab’s cell. It was a simple wooden door that hadn’t even been locked. Apparently the only thing that had kept the demon in place had been its loyalty. The exit had deposited the man in the estate’s basement from where he had quickly found his way to the ground floor which had been stark contrast to the dark, catacombs and the cell which he’d previously been forced to traverse, for one thing it wasn’t dark. Large expensive stain glass warped the sun light into many vibrant colours in and the walls were polished and clean with exquisite paintings, animal trophies and well-crafted weaponry hanging on them. Of course to the man none of this pomp and highbrow nonsense mattered anyway. He’d never even had a house to call his own let along decorate. As the man rounded another corner he came face to face with a quartet of guards patrolling the halls. The leading guard was the quickest to react and he drew his pistol, an expensive weapon that could fire two bullets before reloading. He never got to fire it. The man’s axe tumbled end over end towards him and cleaved his skull in twain. At that the other three guards jumped into action and drew their weapons. Luckily for the man they were all armed with swords. He yanked one of the well-crafted weapons, a long sword to be exact, off the wall and charged into the fray. The first guard came at him with a thrust that the man parried skilfully before swiping his blade across the guard’s throat. Blood sprayed out in a fountain as the guard crumpled and fell. The second guard swung his sword two handed at the man who brought up his sword to defend himself. Sparks flew as their weapon’s clashed. Before the man could counter attack the third guard slashed at him in a downwards arc. He leapt back just in time to see the sword flash past his face. The man then kicked the legs of the third guard out from underneath him and plunged his sword into his chest. The remaining guard, fuelled by anger, unleashed a flurry of powerful but sloppy blows that left him wide open. When he saw the chance the man kneed the guard in the gut before casually lopping off his head and continuing down the hallway. He knew Zainif was in this direction. He could sense it. As he turned down another corridor he happened upon a set of large, oak double doors which were protected by two more guards. These guards were different from the others however. They were clad in steel. Spoiling for a good fight the man bull rushed them on sight. He slammed into the guard on the left before he’d even drawn his sword. The guard to his right was armed with a halberd and swung it at the man. He blocked swung with his sword but the blow sent vibrations running through his arm. Not wanting to get cornered the man abandoned his previous target and went for the halberd wielding guard slashing at his weapon as he went. His blade easily cut through the halberd’s wooden shaft leaving the guard unarmed. After that the man simply thrust forward and plunged his sword into the gap between the breastplate and the helmet. In one fluid motion the man quickly withdrew his weapon from the dying guard, spun round and sliced his sword across the remaining guard’s wrist. The guard screamed as he fell to the floor, his vital life blood spewing out across the floor. With the guards dealt with the man turned back to the double doors and swung them open.                        

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