BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


5. your not leaving helen!!

ok so i know i kinda creeped her out sometimes but i cant help it her dark brown eyes just gave me chills and yet they were so beautiful so i opened the door for her i didnt want her to think i was a jerk and she said "thank you niall" and i said "no problem gorgeous" ok so we enter the club and its like 7:30 pm so people are already drunk like seriously im on a date but i want this to be unforgetful for her and me so when we get married she will remember wow im wierd ok so we sit at a table by the bar and the waiter comes and asks for drinks and then i realised he was staring a helen but helen was looking at the people dancing like strippers you know im a bad guy but strippers are still dirty whores to me and grinding on eachother and then i saw Helen saw these two girls making out and she quikly turned around i laughed at her reation im guessing she never seen that before haha she was still cute so i ask for 2 beers even though she was only 14 she looked 17 or 18 so the guy thought it was ok to hit on my girlfriend well shes not my girlfriend but i want her to be even if she doesnt want to so he comes with our drinks and the waiter said " one for you lad and one for this gorgeous princess want anything else love like my phone number" and i got teanse but she laughed and said "no thanks wierdo i definiaty do not want your number cause I'm on a date with him okay" and i looked at her and the guy and he was still smirking at her so i just pushed off cause Helen just burned him ha so i said "what was that" after the guy left, she said "urgh i hate guys who think there so hot they can get any girl they want in the world  it just bothered me and you too cause i saw your face you looked jealous hun ha" and i was surprised she talked to me like that no one does cause there afraid of me i guess she doesnt know what happen after this guy stole fucking holly from me and i dont want it to happen again and espesually that this time i really really really did care for Helen Flores like wow im serprised but anyway the guy didnt come back but i cant see in the corner of my eye see him eyeing Helen and biting his lip like he is hurgry for her i mean who wouldnt have you seen her she is something like wow so then helen says she has to go to the washroom so i said ok fine love so she left and she hasent been back for like 20 minutes yeah i counted i loved her and didnt want anything to happen to her 


*Helens POV*

****28mins. ago****

"excuse me niall i have to go to the washroom" he said 'ok fine love" so i went quickly cause it was going pretty good but as i was going to the washroom someone grabed my waist and covered my mouth and he locked the girls washroom so in my head i was thinking ohh no im getting rape by this waiter guy but after a while he did nothing to me just started at me and it made me uncomfortable so i finally said "why are you staring at me its creepy" he just laughed and sad "weel because you are just to gorgeous not to look at and i cant help it" so i said "ummm thanks i guess but why did you lock the door hun?" he said so your little date cant ruin our make out sesion" so i looked at him and smirked because he was really hot but ohh wait Niall man this guy made me forget about him but then we heard a knock on the door and he said "sorry its closed" and he was getting closer to me and picked me up and started to kiss my neck at first i did like it but then i felt bad for niall and hated it but all of the sudden the door busted down and i was trying to push him off but he wouldnt and then i see him on the floor and i heard the same noise the day i met him and he punched that guy in the face because he almost raped me and i was on the counter and i never looked so scared in my life the guy was already bleeding and i looked up and saw Niall at first i was happy but then i realised i am a girl that gets hit on a lot and i dont know why so niall is just gonna keep hurting guys because of me so i need to leave so said "sorry Niall but i think ill go home now" and i dont really wanna feel this way anymore because i have a reputation of being a bad girl so i cant looked scared but then he said "im sorry helen but ill take you home then you cant walk home by yourself" and i said "yeah niall um but i think ill be alright if a guy trys to rape me ill punch his dick so ill be ok so ill go now i had to keep my cool but he said " Your not leaving without me Helen i dont know but something about you makes me feel so wierd but so happy please just let me give you a ride" and he tried to hug me but i said "sorry Niall but i dont want to be with you" and he just looked at me with a bit of sad and angry eyes and i just got mad out of the sudden so i stormed out of the door that wasnt there cause niall kicked it down so as soon as i got out of the the club someone grabbed my waist man this happens to me a lot but the colone was fimiluar so i knew it was Niall so i didnt panic to much but i said "get off of me Niall i said i dont wanna go with you im fine" but he said said " no your coming with me no more discussion" i fell like he had a spell on me cause i just shut up and so now i dont know 

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