BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


9. Why must he like me

**Helens POV, during the movie** 

omg when Niall just came up to me and kissed me i was suprised but also not cause i thuoght he would be someone who just does this stuf and then i when we stopped Harry came in and asked stuff about me and i didnt care cause i just relised Niall could be a cheater so id rather not even bother with him i mean with the first day we met he just was all wierd and kept staring at that guy come to think of it i got his number ill text him actually so i took out my phone and started to text him : Hello Love its Helen from the club remeber ;) : sorry im a flirt and i think Harry saw that i was texting a guy and then he just picked me up and put me on his lap i looked at him wierd cause i didnt really like him like that but im pretty sure he did like me urgh why must he like me whats so likable about me seriously but then i felt someone staring right at me so my first guess was Harry so i turned to him but he was watching the movie then he looked at me so i just smiled cause he was hot though ha but mi still felt someone eyeing me so i turn to see if Niall was and no suprise he was so i was wierded out a lil but he looked relieved that i looked at him I dont know why though ohh no does he like me too no no no nio please no ohh yeah i forgot we kissed but then i couldnt keep looking at him and i didnt want to watch the movie cause it makes me cry so much so i was just waiting for Connor to answer back but then i can see Harry staring at me now so i looked at him back and he was staring into my eyes and for some reason he started to lean in and our faces were already close but now hes making it even more close but then i started to lean in too and i dont even know why its like Harry had something on me that just made me lean in  and then while i wass thinking me and harrys lips were touching but the thing was it was better than Nialls or i dont know it just seemed that way at the moment but then  

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