BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


12. what we are thinking

**Connors POV**


Yes man im so happy i got to see her again that day in the bar meant something to me like it was amazing and i couldnt ask for a more perfect girl like really Helen and i would be amazing together and thats just creepy isnt it but i just cant help it in that im a romantic cute kind of guyat least thats what my friend call me man i want them to meet Helen now but i dont know maybe it will end up like her and nialls relationship with harry also liking her yeah Helen told me everything im happy her choice was me well kinda i mean if harry didnt like her i mean i guess she would be with Niall and not with me but something in my mind is teling me she wants to be with them again man this sucks 


**Louis's POV**


man why did both of them have to like her i thoought she was gonna stay a long time she seems like a cool chill girl and i like that in a friend shes not one of those wierd girls ha and overly obsesive girls urgh man i cant believe this man finally a girl the does us all good and weve only known her a day oh well i thought she couldve been great friends with Elounor.



**Liams PoV**

man too bad she left too soon i might miss her ha i dont know about everyone else but she was really pretty but i would never go for her shes too young for my type and not really my type but shes cool not like other girls urghhhh 



**Zayn POV**

cant believe two of them fell for that girl and Harry just met her man thats crazy she was cool though couldve been friends with Perrie and i wouldve invited her to the wedding ha as oh no well Niall or Harry's Date ha i dont know


**harry's POV**


I HATE MYSELF is all i can say to myself its literally all my fault now Helen and or Niall wont talk to me cause man i know i shouldve liked her or kissed her but i couldnt help myself but man did i feel butterflies it was just perfect for me but she mightve thought differ definalty now she does ha man i hate myself cant live with myself for this man im a horrible friend


**Nialls POV**

GREAT just perfect you you i finally get a girl but it doesnt even matter what age she is but shes not that young im so pissed at Harry thoug like who just does that i cant this is too much i just had to have feelings so her them BAM another guy likes her and its Harry gad damn you harry but i will see her one day i promise i will to myself i hope that connor asshole guy is treating her well though because soon she will be mine

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