BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


7. sleepover pt.2

niall looked at harry like the guy in the washroom i was kinda scared so i stopped laughing and so did harry but then he was just staring at me like he did something bad so i just said "ok well im gonna go to the living room ok so see ya ha"

**Harry POV**17min.s ago

WHen i opened the door i saw this tiny little girl in front of me and i just smiled i was amazed of how gorgeous she was i mean her brown hair looked so soft eww haha i sound wierd oh wait im staring at her oh no louis is coming he might say something of me staring at her if he saw that i was just staring at her beautyness 


**Niall POV**

the way harry looked at MY helen made me jealous i could ay even though shes not mine she will be one day i promise and i hope she doesnt fucking fall for Harry like all girls do like seriously i finally find a girl i really like and he looks like he was so make out with her i mean no duhh he would like her i mean she is gorgeous i would be stupid not to like her well the lad besides Liam have a gf like Louis has Elounor and Zayn has Perrie and i expect them to not fall for Helen since there in a relantionship but i know Liam doesnt go for girls like Helen he likes the shy kind with dance moves lol hes wierd haha but i just know someone might get hurt from liking Helen and it better not be me i heard soething at it was harry and he said "um niall" and i said "yeah sorry i wasnt listening" and he said "well i wanted to know if shes your gf" and i just laughed and said "no but i w-" and i was cut off by Harry saying "thats good well see ya out there" and i got kinda mad at him and when i looked over the counterand saw harry sit next to Helen and he doesnt even know her name and he puts his arm around her but she rolles her eyes haha shes so funny but i dont even know if its an act or she like doesnt like it i dont know but man i wish i did so i went out with some snacks and put them on the table the couch was wierd so i helen was on the edge and harry sat next to her so that meant i couldnt sit next to her and liam was sitting next to harry so i sat across them with zayn and louis and then Helen broke the silence and took harrys arm off of her hah and said "ok so what are we gonna do?" and louis said "why dont we all interduce our selfs and say stuff about our selfs huh" and we all said "yeah ok" and laughed so Louis went first then liam then zayn then harry then helen



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