BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


3. just like in the movie eww

ok so im walking home just minding my buissness when of coarse this guy walks next to me and grabs my butt and im freaked and and want to punch this guy in the face so i sa  " HEY DUDE WHY DONT YOU KEEP YOU FITHY HANDS TO YOUR FUCKING SELF" but then he slamed me against the wall but it didnt hurt and he just puts our bodies so its touching and he startes to rub himself on me and then he was fucking kissing me so i tried to push him off but i couldnt he had a strong grip so i tried to yell HELP because now i kinda was scared he was gonna rape me duhh and so i kept yelling and once her tried to get under jens dress to my private part  i just hear a clap like a fist just punched a hand clap and i opened my eyes and say the guy on  the floor and i looked up and saw NIall from the club had just  punch the guy that tried to rape me   and then he stares back and says "so how about a date for your hero babe" and of coarse i said yes he just saved me from having maybe an un wanted baby  like no duhh i was gonna say yes


*Nialls POV*


so i started to walk down to my apartment wher i just live alone because  Harry and Louis live together and Liam and Zayn live together so im solo but then i hear a  Help yell i thought nothing of it until i walk by them wow im horrible if wasnt for if wasnt Helen i wouldve just left man i do like her thats all i can think about but then i see this guy try to go up her dress and man does she have nice legs come niall focus so i just walk up to the man and punch him straight up in the face haha it was funny she even giggled wow how cute was she so then i just asked her out and she said yes i smiled like an idiot ha  wow 




****************So anyways guys just tell me if you still want me to updat eit if you want to help me with some ideas id love to just follow me and dm me on twitter ill put it all down ther lovelys THANK YOU***************







SOrry they are all differant but just try i love talking to you guys PEACE************

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