BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


4. how wierd am i

**Helens POV**

ok so my hero is gonna pick me up and on the phone he was being kinda annoying and rude and so i just forgot about it so now Niall comes and knocks on the door and Jen says "i got it" and i forgot to tell her about my date whoops so she said "Helen theres a guy named niall here to see you and he is very cute" so i came down stairs and saw niall at the door smirking at me and he relly stared at me and i said "what you want me to change or something" and he said " no you look gorgeous babe" and i looked at him cunfused cause i didnt know he had that word in his vocabulary and i thought he was gonna say hot or sexy but no so i kinda liked how sweet that kinda was haha so lets go on that dat 



wow i saw her and i was speechless i can feel my heart beating so fast but i didn't want her to think i was a loser that just fell in love with her but i was surprised on how fast i fell for her i never had with anyone else so this might be fun so i smirked my famous one i gave her the one the same day we met and i said to her "ok lets go" i eyed her from be hide and i saw she was wearing a white dress with pocka dots and she was wearing converse and her hair was down so i could tell this girl was concirterd a bad girl or hipster for her good taste WHAT AM I SAYING ha im laughing and she looks at me confused and i say "what something on my face" she said "no but why are you laughing like a hyena and where are we going" so i stoped laughing and i said "were going to a club but not the same one where that ugly bar guys can hit on you without you even knowing, you know your very cool" i didnt want to seem like i was jealous because i was so i said at the end your cool how stupid was that but she giggled which was pretty cute wow i cant believe what im saying ok so lets just go but then she said "Niall ha ha why are you staring at me again" and i didn't relise i was staring at her for the whole time i was thinking to my self oh well she does have a pretty face i enjoy staring at it so i said "umm you look good' and she just raised her eyebrows how can she make every thing she does make me like her even more!!!!!

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