BAD Girl + Bad Boy

ok so they both flirt with eachother at the club but once helen relises what she has gotten her self into with Niall she is a differant person just read its good <3


8. harry hands off

ok  so after everyone interduce i started to say "why don't we watch a movie?" helen said "ooo yeah lets watch 50 first dates thats my favorite movie" and harry said "thats a good movie babe but i like love acually" liam said "no lets watch TOY STORY!!!!!!!" louis said "calm your tits liam we watched that so many times why dont we watch Grease" Zayn said "i like the Freedom Writers do you have that NIall?" i say "um no i don't well why don't we all just write down a movie on a paper plate and we vote on one then at the end which ever one has the most wins ok?"

*5mins* "ok so were gonna watch the notebook? um ok then ha" and Helen said "ha who put that there i cry so much in this movie" and then harry said "i did love i guess your gonna need someone to cuddle with ;)" and she said "a yep i do who volenters ha" and it surprised me when they all said yes and so i got jealous real quick and so she just said "i'm kidding guys ha but why don't we just sit how we were before than" and i just say harry and he was smiling like a hobo who just got $5 dollers like seriously couldn't he tell i liked her well im gonna have to show harry and the rest of them that Helen is mine and im not sharing not now not ever so i said "hey babe why don't i sit at the edge and liam can sit at the other chair huh Liam" and i looked at him with 'please go to the other couch with louis and zayn' look ha but he nodded and said "yeah sure this seat is kinda lumpy ha" and then he came real close to me and whispered "ha niall i know you like her ok so i promise i will back off ok and so will louis and zayn they have girlfriends ha ok" and i said "ok thanks lad i can always count on you"  so then i sat where liam was sitting and then louis and zayn said they were gonna go get the blankets and stuff then louis i guess saw me and he asked harry if he could help and liam too cause they were bring lots of blankets and stuff but then harry said "wait why doesnt niall help too then and i stay here" and he winked at Helen and i said "just do it harry stop being a lazy bum" and he said "fine gosh" and he got up and KISSED HELEN ON THE CHEEK!!!!!!! and then helen just did like a little smile ok now im angry so as soon as harry and liam left to get the blankets and pillows and stuff i grabed Helens wrist and pulled her along with me into my room  and she said "what the hell Niall let go of me" and i said "sorry but i have to ask you something" she said "yeeah ok what is it" "do you like Harry in any way at all" "well hes very hot and has beautiful eyes like you but he just seems like a flirt and i dont want that too much why" "ohh because he kissed you on your lovely cheek and thats not fair if he met you only five minutes ago and i met you yesterday now is it" and i started to get closer to her man i want her lips right now "ok so what do want a massage? ha " i just grinded and now we were so close we can feel eachothers warm breath she just stared into my eyes it feels like shes begging me to kiss her it was so hot though so i said  "no id like a kiss too babe" so then she said "fine" and she kissed me on the cheek and i was smirking and said "ohh no love you missed and she said "no i didnt harry kisse-" and i couldnt even hear her say harry kissed her so i just went right in and kissed her on the lips like theres no tomorrow and then things started get more deeper so i licked the bottem of her lips for entrance and she agreed fast and we started to makeout and she had her hands in my hair and it felt so good it made me turned on by her i mean she was gorgeous but she was hot too so i was hard for me not to put my hands on her and she has a big bum ohh yes she was a big catch and she will be mine oh we got lost in the moment we didnt hear the door knocking so  we stop and i was blushing a lot i know because i passed a mirror and i opened the door and it was Harry urgh he said "Niall wheres helen is she with you........ oh hi helen i thought you left but im glad you didnt" and helen just said "im right here harry no need to freak out like a bitch" oooo she didnt just say that haha omg i love her and harry said 'hey niall can you give us some time alone" and i said "what the for what" and helen said "lets just watch the movie guys seriously" and then harry said "remember same spots so your sitting next to me babe" and Helen said "ok yeah sure" and then she just walked out of my room down the stairs and to the living room and i was goon a go but then harry said 'Niall you said she wasnt your girlfriend" and he looked mad so i laughed ha and said "shes not but so why do you care" and he said "cause i like her Niall" and then i got mad and pushed him against the wall and said "dont tell her you do or even meation that to me again or i will hurt you ok harrold" and he pushed me off of him well me and harry are on the same level of angry so we just said "lets justm go" and harry left then i did so as we got down stairs Helen was laughing wow ive never heard her laugh its so sexy ha but cute too ha absolutly adorable so then i saw harry sit next to her and put his arm around her the old trick when you yawn then  we watched the movie

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