Head to Head

Dakota Jason is a preppy, optimistic kind of girl. Piper Anderson is harsh, sarcastic, and kind of snarky. Put them together, what do you get? A disaster.
Yet, Simon Cowell seems to think it's a wonderful idea. He puts them into a duo girl group and makes them the first act in One Direction's big tour. Will these two very different girls start to get along for the sake of their careers? Will they fall in love in the process? Or will they rip each other's necks out and lose everything?


2. Piper Anderson

A/N: Hello everybody! My name is Jessica. so obviously I will be writing the part of Piper Anderson and I hope you enjoy her part in this story! :) don't forget to comment, like, and favorite to get updates on writing progress.



So many thoughts were running through my already swirling head as we walked down to Mr. Cowell's office.

"He wouldn't fire us for being in the men's bathroom would he?,"  I asked. feeling a bit scared.

Dakota looked at the ground and kept walking ignoring my question.

"Fine! be that way," I shouted. almost a little to loudly.

Dakota is such a little prick! She always acts like she knows better than everybody else in the entire building. She is such a suck up to Mr. Cowell and she acts like she's four years old! it's always been competition since we started this internship and so far you could say she's winning. I mean to be completely honest I have always incited her a little to start drama but she deserves it.

I couldn't imagine ever being friends with that little helminth.

We walked up to our boss's door and knocked for permission to enter.

"come in," he said, calmly.

As soon as we entered the room I tried desperately to explain how I didn't realize we went into the men's bathroom and how sorry I was.

"Listen," Simon interrupted.

"I'm not here to argue with you about being in the Men's bathroom, I would like to talk to you two about something else," He said.

We both looked at Simon relived and waited eagerly to hear what he would say.

"You both know that I am a producer for Columbia records right?," he asked.

We both nodded are heads as he continued.

"Well it just so happens that I manage a Band called One Direction, perhaps you've heard of them?," he questioned.

We nodded again wondering where he was going with this.

"Well recently they have had a problem with there opening act 5sos and unfortunately our opening act is not available anymore, we thought we would have to cancel the tour but then I heard you two singing in the bathroom and came up with the solution that you two would be our new opening act. I have already told the other producers and they are all over the idea, with the proper training and lessons you two could be a wonderful duo," he explained.

I think I went into shock.

"A duo?!?!" I screamed, "With her??!"

"I will do it," I heard Dakota peep, from the other side of the room.

She just wanted to make my life a living nightmare!

"Are you crazy?!," I asked her, pointing my finger at her.

"No," she said, looking annoyed.

"I just think it would be a fun experience and I really want to be a singer and this could be the start of a new career, besides I need the money for my family," she replied

She throws such a pity party for herself!

"Fine!," I sighed

"I'll do it!"

"Good," Simon said

"Now to start I'm going to get you girls some proper training, you will need a makeup trainee, choreography sessions, singing lessons, recording time, exercise trainees and some outfit coordinators. come back first thing tomorrow and I will direct you from there. I also need you two to realize that this is a big job and its going to take a lot of hard work, but I know you both will do your best!," He smiled.

"Sure" I thought, "With the right motives".

I glared over at Dakota and she smirked back.

This is going to be Hell! I can't wait...   



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