He's dangerous [COMPLETE]

"Who's that?" I asked, eyeing the mess of curls that downed yet another drink.

"Oh, that's Marcel. He used to be the biggest nerd in school. One day something inside of him snapped and completely changed. He got a bunch of tattoos and beat up every kid who bullied him. Stay away from him, he's dangerous." She spoke as he looked over at me.

I tried to stay away, but despite how he had changed, he was the one thing that could keep me from failing Algebra. I didn't want to spend time with him but I had to.

Will it stay as a simple tutor?
Or will their be more going on then tutoring?


50. Slow and painful *last chapter* +Important Authors note please read!

  (it'll set the mood ;))

 Marcel's POV


   Every word that left her lips I heard. Something I knew she would never say if I were in front of her was finally spoken. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt to be loved. I smiled, my heart beating wildly as Dylan's voice interrupted my dreamy state.

   "What?" I spat, looking at him, even more determined to escape his clutches. After what I just heard there was no absolute way he would even get within a mile of Ella let alone try and hurt her. If he thought he could get away with his plan he was sadly mistaken. I wasn't hesitant to kill him and I would do it in a heart beat to protect Ella.

   "Aw, she's in love with you! Isn't this the fairy tale ending you were wishing for?" Dylan spoke sarcastically as I glared icily at him. It would be...if only he weren't standing in front of me. If only he weren't alive. Well...I could arrange that second one.

   "Thing is, fairy tale's always have a twist! This story won't be ending very happily for Ella and you'll have a front row seat to watch her suffer a slow painful death!" He spoke, the last few words slow and carefully pronounced. His words taunted me as I imagined a soul trying to harm Ella. I just couldn't. I couldn't think about it.

   "I wouldn't be so sure about that. Let's count the many advantages I have over you. Hmm..." I pretended to think, my eyes lighting up as I began speaking.

   "My height, my strength..oh, we can't forget Ella!" I smirked as his eyes flamed with fiery. Within seconds he was sending punches as I dodged them, sending a couple of my own. The past hour had been full of us talking which always resulted in a fight.

   "Ella won't always be your's! In fact, sometime very soon she'll belong to God." Dylan winked as I clenched my jaw. Hurt her and I kill you. Quite literally. She's an angel. Her innocence, her personality, just her in general. That was something to precious to destroy. I always thought I'd end up with some tattoo covered prostitute but no...here I am with Ella.

   "Not under my watch!" I finally replied as Dylan chuckled, his laugh echoing throughout the room.

   "That's the thing lover boy. You can't protect her. You're stuck here with me!" He smirked as my eyes widened. I rushed to the door in an attempt to escape before I realized what he was talking about. The doors were locked from the outside.

   "You are repulsive!" I retorted as I continuously tried to pull, or push, the door open. Nothing helped. I was trapped and there was no escape. Only one window occupied space on the wall and it was a good twenty feet in the air. It's time like this I wish I was a giraffe or something.

   "One of my many traits." Dylan grinned as I rolled my eyes, grunting in frustration as I released my hands from the handle. There was no use. She was going to die and I'd sit here watching it.

   "Oh, let me get the popcorn! The show is starting!" Dylan cheered as my eyes quickly shot to the screen which Ella was portrayed on. She sat in her bedroom reading a book. I smiled, admiring her image soon realizing the 'show' was starting. She wasn't going to remain this peaceful for long.

   I stood, my head cocked up as I watched for any signs of danger. I needed a plan. I had to get out of here. Dylan soon returned with a large bucket of popcorn and a soda. What the hell?

   "You claimed you love her but here you are watching the death you planned for her!" I exclaimed as Dylan circled his eyes, ignoring me before speaking.

   "You could have let her stay with me and none of this would be happening!" Dylan shrugged as I calmed myself down, clenching my fist.

   "Now, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you do that." I spoke sarcastically as he rolled his eyes once more. I wasn't fibbing. I'm telling the truth! I would be the worst boyfriend over if I handed my girlfriend over to some psycho murderer.

   "Ryder should be there any second, enjoy!" Dylan spoke, sitting in the middle of the cold floor as I stood, leaning against wall in anger.

   I'll get to you some how Ella and when I do, I'll make sure you're safe.


   Ella's POV


   I sat in my room, my knees huddled to my chest as I read one of my favorite books. I was always that nerd that others quoted would be 'forever alone'. It didn't bother me. If Marcel was somewhere on the planet I knew I would never be alone.

   I tugged at the string of my sweatshirt, twirling it around my finger as my eyes continued through the page. This was getting interesting. My fingers hurt from holding the book as I set it face down, taking a small break.

   Harry was out with friends as well as Emma. I was all alone and as eerie as it was, I enjoyed having some time to myself. After all this drama it's kind of something I needed. I sighed, settling my hand on my stomach as I bit my lip. My stomach hurt so bad. I stood on my feet, walking into my bathroom and peering out of the hole in the wall. I had gotten my mirror cleaned up and bought a new one.

   As for the hole, or should I say holes in the wall. I don't know, I have to wait to fix this. I silently laughed, looking at my reflection in the only mirror that remained unbroken. Well, not technically. I had broken it once but as of right now it was whole.

   I turned around, lifting up the middle of the sweat shirt, the scar revealing itself. I shuddered at the thought of Dylan. He was truly the worst person to ever be born. I almost felt bad for him, but not in the same manner as Marcel. Marcel has had a tough life and that's what led to his dangerous presence. Dylan had an amazing life he's just a normal dick.

   I let the material slip from my finger as the skin was once more concealed. I walked back out into my room, the floor cold beneath my feet as I jumped onto my bed, pulling the blanket from beneath me. I let it float down over me as I was enveloped in it's warmth. I smiled, curling into a small ball as I conserved any and all body heat I contained.

   It wasn't even night but I was exhausted. Actually, it was only an hour after noon. Can you say I have no life?

   I drifted off into a sleep, a couple hours of my day stolen.



   I woke up to fist pounding against the door downstairs. I cocked my eyebrows, ignoring the sounds. I was dreaming, that had to be it! I settled back down uneasily in my bed, still alert. It...it was gone. I knew I was imagining things!

   My lips parted as I sang quietly, desperate to escape the deafening silence. Tiny tubes of light shined through my curtains, signaling that it was still early afternoon. I sighed, ending the noise escaping my lips. I slipped out from beneath my blankets, crawling over my comforter and reaching my arm out to open the curtain.

   I would not get out of bed. Let's get that clear! The tips of my fingers finally brushed against the material as I pulled it back with struggle. I finally had it fully open and I landed back on my bed panting. Who knew opening curtains was such a work out?

   I smiled at the ceiling letting my mind travel to places only I knew existed. Places where I could escape reality and live my dreams. Most of which contained Marcel but it's what made me truly happy.

   I tossed and turned before a sharp corner dug into my torso.

   "Ouch..." I muttered, pulling on the object. Oh...it was my book! I found my page, continuing from where I left off. The words pulled me into a whole other dimension. One that took place in the future where love was a disease.

   I don't know how well I'd last in such a horrid time. My ears blocked out every noise, my eyes imagining such a world. I finally got to the last chapter, every nerve in my body telling me to book mark the page.

   Reluctantly I followed their instructions, folding the tip of the page down. I smiled, setting it on my nightstand as I admired the shiny cover. Cover. Clothes covered a body. Clothes covered Marcels body.

   Almost instantly I was thinking back to the various outfits I've seen him in. All fit him perfectly and oddly attracted me in towards him. I have to say my favorite is where he wore his long sleeve, black buttoned up with his black skinny jeans. That. That my friend is what I call hot. What? Don't deny it! I decided to get dressed and enjoy the rest of this never ending day. I pulled out some skinny jeans and Marcel's button up, slipping them onto my body once I had discarded of my other pieces of clothing.

   I laughed, looking down at how over sized his shirt was on me. I rolled the cuffs up so I could easily use my hands, letting the end hang down, not bothering to tuck it in. I pulled on some boots, pulling my hair into a messy bun as I walked out of my closet.

   I let a few curls frame my face as I found my phone and wallet, opening the door to my room and heading out. I left my door open as I walked across the bridge, peering down into the living room. I quickly relined my vision to the stairs. Heights were never my thing.

   I finally reached the stairs, quickly descending down. My boots slapped against the hardwood floor, my keys laying still on the island. I quickly grabbed them advancing towards my door.

   I stood in front of it, ensuring I had everything I needed with me before walking out, locking the door behind me. Goosebumps rose as I ran to my car, quickly unlocking it and bending down to get in.

   I closed the door, sighing as I sat back in my leather seats. There was really no place for me to go. I sat for a good five minutes running over possibly locations to attend to. Where haven't I been in a while? That's the thing. With Ryder, he takes me everywhere.

   The car hadn't gotten started for a good fifteen minutes before I had settled on where I wanted to go. The mall. That's the place where any girl could cheer her broken soul up at. I smiled, quickly driving there, the large building soon in my line of vision.

   I found the entrance to the parking lot, driving in, swerving in and out of rows attempting to find an empty parking space. In the distance I spotted one as I stepped on the gas pedal, my car speeding to it. I guess another car must have saw it because their car sped up as well.

   "I don't think so!" I whispered, going even faster as I pulled into the space by a fraction of a second. I cheered in victory as the car began beeping the horn at me as I rolled my eyes.

   Soon they found a space three behind me, opening their door and slamming it shut. I followed their suit, walking towards the entrance in a proud stance.

   "Bitch." I heard a voice cough as I stopped, clenching my fist.

   "You want to call me that again?" I challenged, spinning around as my eyes widened before returning to their normal size.

   "Avalon?" I spoke, anger twisted into my voice. She was one of the 'friends' that had warned me about Dylan. She was also one of them that bullied me.

   "Ella." She spoke unenthusiastic as I began taking deep breaths. She was the leader of the group that bullied me. Well. It was just us two now.

   "Yeah. Got a problem with that?" I snapped as she took this as her turn to roll her eyes.

   "No, I'm completely fine! Perfect boyfriend, amazing grades. How's your boyfriend? Or should I say girlfriend due to your shirt!" She smirked as I clenched my fist. This time there was no Marcel to stop me which I was actually happy about.

   "Honey, this is my boyfriends shirt. Marcel Styles shirt!" I smirked as her eyes widened before glaring at me.

   "Why would Marcel date an ugly piece of shit with you! You just love lying now don't you?" She spat as I laughed, truly amazed at how stupid she sounded.

   "You know. I could just show you the proof but this would be much more fun!" I retorted, sending a punch to her jaw as she staggered back.

   "Whore!" She shouted, pulling at my hair as I kicked her leg, sending her down. She got some good punches sent to my jaw and I already felt the blood streaming from my nose.

   "Wait!" I said, as she stopped in the middle of a punch. I unbuttoned Marcel's shirt, pulling it off before blood could stain it. I folded it setting it on the trunk as I was left in a white tank top.

   "Okay, now it's real!" I spoke, lunging back at her as I ferociously sent punches to any square inch of skin I could reach. Very soon there was a crowd surrounding us chanting for us to fight.

   I responded to the cheering, my punches hardening as I was suddenly pulled back, arms pulling mine behind my back. An officer took Avalon in his arms, dragging her away. I looked back to realize who had captivated me. A police officer. Oh my goodness! What have I done?

   They had shoved Marcel's shirt into my arms, cuffing my arms behind me.

   "Get in!" The man demanded, opening the back door. Great I'm going to jail. I wonder how Marcel would feel about this. The guilt began eating at my as my cleavage was overly exposed due to my arms being pulled back.

   The ride was silent a a few tears fell from my eyes. We soon arrived, the jail building standing gloomily before me. The officer got out, walking over to my door, unlocking it and pulling me out.

   "Get your hands off me!" I struggled, trying to pull my arm from his grasp. I stopped realizing how you could practically see my whole bra. The officer tightened his grip, leading me through the entrance. I was pushed over to the desk, a lady looking up as we both gasped.

   "Mary!" I smiled, a frown replacing it as she realized why I was here. I had been arrested.

   "Ella? What did you get in trouble for?" She asked as I looked shamefully at the ground. I wiggled my arms, Marcel's shirt starting to slip. Mary quickly caught it, setting it on the desk.

   "Avalon. I beat her up and even if I'd go to jail I would do it a thousand times over!" I spat as Mary sighed, shaking her head.

   "Let her go!" Mary spoke to the officer currently holding me. His hands unwrapped from my arms, as Mary instructed him to unlock the handcuffs. He hesitated but did as told as I moved my arms forward.

   "Thank you!" I spoke monotonously, taking Marcel's shirt in my hands.

   "I'll let you go this one time because I knew your parents. Don't do it again!" Mary spoke sternly as I suppressed a roll of my eyes, nodding my head.

   "I'll have my husband drive you home!" Mary spoke calling Dave as he emerged from behind a hall.

   "Drive Ella home!" Mary spoke sternly as he nodded, smiling politely, gently taking my wrist. He walked me out in silence just as we arrived at my house in silence.

   "Thanks!" I muttered, quickly getting out of the car and slamming the door shut. Dave looked at me sympathetically before driving away. I ran up to my door, unlocking it, harshly shutting it and dashing up to my room.

   I ran through the door and into my bed, crying as I cuddled Marcel's shirt. I held it in front of me, beginning to talk.

   "Uh, hi Marcel. God how I wish you could hear me! Anyways. Today I got uh, arrested. I feel so bad. You warned me not to make the same mistakes you did yet I did!" I spoke, wiping the dried blood from my nose. My stomach still ached and now thanks to Avalon, so did my face.

   "How did you feel when you got in trouble?" I asked, feeling completely and utterly stupid.

   "You can't hear me, why do I bother!" I groaned, falling onto my back as the plush mattress.

   I let myself doze off before another round of banging against the door downstairs awoke me. I cocked my eyebrows, sitting up. Before I could respond my door was thrown off it's hinge as Ryder stood looking angry.

   "Slut!" He spat as anger built in me.

   "I don't want to deal with your shit!" I spat, rolling my eyes.

   "Too bad!" He retorted, wrapping his hands around my arms and slamming me into the wall as I groaned, doubling over.

   "I know about Marcel. I know about me being your rebound. Good thing I never cared about you or I might actually be sad!" He snarled as I rolled my eyes again.

   "Well, now that you know the truth yes. I'm in love with Marcel and I used you, what's your problem dick?" I asked, a smirk growing on my lips, something I learned from Marcel.

   "Nothing. This makes me so much happier to see you live out a slow painful death!" He grinned diabolically. Fear pinged through me before it was hidden beneath my rough exterior.

   He pulled out a knife as my eyes widened, my feet carried me quickly over to the balcony. He ran over to me, sending a punch as I dodged it, ducking and dashing out of my door, and down the stairs.

   I was almost close enough to open the door, hands gripped my waist, throwing me back as I landed on the ground with a thud. I groaned, rolling over in searing pain. Before I knew it I was pinned against the wall, my fist clenched as I tried to escape, failing miserably.

   "You were so easy to forgive me! My sister never died in a car crash. I killed her," He paused as I gasped. H-he killed his own sister?

   "I loved the pleasure of seeing her dead. Your life will end the same way. Here's how it's going to go sweetheart, I'll fuck you than kill you, don't expect anything different!" He spat as he pulled the tank top off, leaving me in my bra. I felt a knee connect with my stomach as I groaned, doubling over and falling to the ground, clutching my stomach.

   "Pity isn't it...you had so much going for you." He snapped, his foot connecting with my stomach as I was picked up and slammed against the wall, blood oozing from my forehead. Another forceful kick was sent to my stomach as I doubled over, gagging up blood.

   His hand reached around to unclasp my bra, but before he could reach the target he aimed for, the front door was blown off it's hinges and there stood a guy. I didn't know who due to my blurred vision. All I knew was the voice but my mind was to weak to identify who it was.

   "You keep you're fucking hands off of my girl!" He spoke, emphasizing the word my. I attempted to smile, my day suddenly brightening. Whoever this was, he must be sweet!

   Although blurred, I was awake enough to watch the guy pin Ryder against the wall as he kneed him multiple times.

   "I fucking love her and you know what happens when you hurt that one person I love? I kill you!" He spoke through gritted teeth, pulling out a gun, and pointing it to Ryder's temple. Tears flooded my eyes as I watched in horror. Somebody's life was taken right in front of me. Ryder fell limp to the floor. 

   I would be mad at the guy but I was to happy to see him. He quickly bent down, gently lifting me up and propping me against his knee.

   "Angel, I heard every word you spoke in your room! I love you!" He spoke, pressing his lips to mine as I weakly kissed back.

   "I love you to!" I mumbled against his lips, still unaware of who this was.

   Finally, when he pulled away I could see him clearly.

   "M-Marcel?" I gasped before my whole world blacked out.

   He came back. Marcel really came back!







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